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Ways To Do Make Up On The Eyes


Make up  became  the main   and foremost  need of the ladies  because they don’t  move without makeup  in the society and due to their makeup they become empty from morality. They are hollow porcelain jar which is beautiful outwardly but inner is so dusty and  full of web  but passing through the  modern world nobody can deny the fact of  this  that  modern ladies especially young girls can’t be move without makeup.

There are many things are available in the market which can easily change the look of anyone  the makeup is not for the females rather male makeup is also done by the young boys. In the makeup just base setting and the eye make up is something tricky it is not an easy for everyone. it is well known thing that  the makeup is totally  different of all the ladies  means some have oily skin ,some dry and some have normal so it  is duty of the  makeup expert that he tell you right tone of your skin  here we are talking about the  makeup of your eyes  which are the  windows of your heart so stay with us and learn step by step.

1.    Foundation and base:

First of all take some liquid foundation if you have dry and normal skin because dry skin can afford       the liquid base and on the oily skin use the water base and pan cake on the whole base equal your all base  on the eyes use the concealer  and the shape  your nose with bronzer on the bone of your eyebrow apply the  bronzer in chocolate brown  color and under your eyes apply the blush on  because due to the sweatiness  your make up can be dull and  spread on all face.

2.    Eyeshades

Eyeshades are available in so many types like matte ,shimmer ,velvet  colors and the  nude colors you can use any color  on your eyes which is matched with your dress   because if you are going on the party then you should apply the dark colors and in the home function use the light matte colors .glitter  and shimmery make up is goods for the winter season and for the night wedding ceremony and in the summer apply the  matte color keep in your mind if you  do the glitter make up in summer  your all face  become fill with the glitter.

•    First of all take your eyeshade brush and apply the shade on the eyes start from the inner corner of your eyes till the outer corner of your eyes and it is up to you from where you want to end applying eyeshades means on the eyelid if you use the shade till your brows then use the sleek eye liner  and you can use the shade in another way means on the star dark color mid is normal and in the end some high lights  means u=you can give the Ombre look.

Liner and mascara:

•    When you have applied the eyeshades then keep it shape with the smudge brush and keep it neat now use the different eyes brushes to make it clear.

•    When you have applied the eyeshades then use the eyeliner on your  eyes   because  eyeliner make your eyes beautiful and  give the glamorous touch  for the dry skin   liquid liner is best and  oily skins can use the  matte liner and  the  small eyes girls should apply the  sleek liner because if they use the thick liner it can seem their eyes more small and  under the eyes use glitter line.

•    Now a days the smudge eyes are in fashion  because it is not too much hotness and not too cold weather  you can apply the liner on your eyes and in the  side of  your eyes outer corner

•    Now apply the  thick coat of the mascara on the shaded eye makeup use the black mascara because its grace is not equal  than the black   so 9f you are young girl and want to use the glitter eyeliner and mascara then you can skip the  eyeshades.

•    Paint make up is also very common among the girls you can use it on your eyes it is  useful for the long day with the paint brush apply it  with the contrasted shades.

•    In the inner  side of your eyes where  the eyeball apply the black pencil  because if you use it in your eyes you look so glamorous at the place of the  black pencil you can use the kajal and  surma because your black eyes look so dashing.

Your eyes make up is ready you can go in the party with the final touch of lipstick and blush on. The eyes make up is changing according to the season you can apply it in the vibrant and light color both because in summer dark colors are used and in winter light matte are good.

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