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Ways to Do a Perfect Party Makeover

0. ways to do a perfact party makeover

Party look with the natural make up

0. ways to do a perfact party makeover

Make up can   give you  a new look  because with the  makeup you look more beautiful  and attractive God  has made the ladies beautiful and give a right to make themselves more beautiful with the  different accessories  .ladies are very  cognizant   about their beauty  so  they  want to do something  special  with their  beauty  and want to make their look   charming  and attractive .Now a days  the people do different make up  according to the event  means    in the summer   light make up and in the winter something  dark but in spring colorful make up is done by the ladies . It is easy to do make up of the other but it is tough to do your make up  by yourself   because we can’t  understand  the skin tone of us   so here I am going to tell you some tips which are useful  for you in the party make up and give you a semi formal look the dark make up is suited  on the  brides  but   the girls  who joined the party    should go with light make up  some ideas that can tell you  about  makeup which   you can easily  do at your home with yourself.
0+ ways to do a perfact party makeover
•    First of all use the moisturizer before starting the makeup   because it can keep your skin calm and the pores of your skin can ready to bear the   cosmetics   things.  Use the concealer and the primer  for their skin and match the  foundation   with your  neck and hand complexion  and I the day time use  the  pan cake because it is apply with the   wet sponch  and it can absorb the  skin sweat.

1. ways to do a perfact party makeover

•    In the winter use the foundation and base but in the summer apply   face powder and the concealer to make your skin fair and glowing according to the party. Apply the concealer on your chin and under the nose and in the winter do this layer   with most coverage.

2. ways to do a perfact party makeover

•     Apply light color eye shadow on your half eyes   in light color go with the matte color in summer and in winter apply the shimmer shades.

3. ways to do a perfact party makeover

•     Now curl your eyelashes  and apply the thick layer of  mascara on your lashes  and make it thick  that it look so large and  thick  because on the party make up your eyes   impacts a great effect  on the others.

4. ways to do a perfact party makeover

•    Use a black pencil on your eye brows and make a good shape of your eyebrows means high light it.

5. ways to do a perfact party makeover

•    Liner are available in so many colors but  no one can take place black  because in the black  color you look decent  but if you   want  to go with  the funky  shades then apply the  colorful liner  because if you don’t   apply the   eye shades   then go with the  simple  glittering eyeliner .

6. ways to do a perfact party makeover

•    For your  glowing and  pinky   cheeks you should apply the blush on  of light colors that is so much inn  and  apply the  pink ,brown, peach and skin color   blush on  the cheeks to your  glowing skin  and good for the party.

7. ways to do a perfact party makeover

•    And in the last  the turn  of the lipstick  you should go with the light color lipstick means nude colors are good  for the summer  and  glowing lipstick are for the winter season  and apply light color outline  with the  matte lipstick never show your outline because  the blending should be  good and  the important work to do.


there are some tips which you can   use in your make up   because if you do very dark then it look so odd because you are a party girl not a bride and if you do very light then    you look so casual but   in summer day time never do smoky make up.


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