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Useful Tips For Best Makeup on Indian Skin Tone


Indian skin tones are mostly olive and gold-yellowish. There are so many different skin tones in India from light to dark. Mostly Indian women have darker skin tones and applying makeup on darker skin can be difficult and risky. However darker skin has advantage to pull off a greater range of colors than the lighter. Bold and bright color look amazing on darker skin tones because these colors blend into dark skin much more naturally and give you a beautiful and sophisticated look.

Skin is the canvas on which all makeup goes so if the canvas is a different color, it makes sense that the makeup might be a bit different too. Indian skin is very sensitive so you should be sure that your makeup looks as flawless as possible. Here are the useful tips to makeup Indian skin. You should know very well about your skin shade because in this way you can choose the right foundation, right concealer, right primer and other products according to the skin.

Firstly, before makeup, be sure that your canvas is not overly clean. Before put on your makeup you must be apply the primer because it leads to healthy skin and your makeup will stick better and last longer. Conceal your face with a good concealer; a simple liquid concealer should be used to clean up the dark spots under your eyes and hide any imperfections.

Never get a foundation that is too light and too dark than your skin, you should one that matches your own shade and use it according to your skin type. If your skin is dry, then use a moisturizing foundation and if you have oily skin, you may go for something that has matter texture. Always choose a foundation according to the climate, age, occasion and time of the day.

You should choose darker eyeliners as deep black, darker brown and dusky navy because these darker colors work beautifully and can actually bring out your eyes. Before choosing an eye shadow, you should try to pick similar color to your eyes color or hair color. Best shades of eye shadow for your skin are mauves, bronzes and taupe. You should avoid white color eye shadow at all cost and also avoid glitter because glitter doesn’t go well with Indian skin. Indian skin always looks amazing with two-toned eyes makeup.

Eyebrows are the important parts of your face so don’t forget the importance of your eyebrows. If you want to stay them neat then you need to tweeze or thread them. Some people don’t like tom pluck the eye brows so they can use some clear eyebrow gel to maintain the look. Use a good brow pencil match to your natural brow hair color to fill any gap in brows and never use black pencil. To give the illusion of heavier lashes, apply a mascara on your eye lashes and avoid to use water proof mascara because it can be harmful to your eyes and lashes.

Dusky peach color blushers can really brighten up your face beautifully. If you have really dark skin, you might want to use bronzer in place of blush. Subdued colors like rose and coral also compliment darker skin nicely in day time looks. Wine, Plum and bronze shades go best with night time makeup. Avoid neutral brown and beiges because these tend to make already brown skin look dull.

Brown, red and pink colors look absolutely beautiful with your skin. Indian ladies look beautiful with a splash of red color along the lips and even the eyes. If your lips are thick then you should use lip gloss and if you have thin lips then use a limp plumper instead because it will give you the fuller lips that have always dreamed off.

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