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Usage of Different Brushes to Apply Cosmetics:

makeup brushes


makeup brushes

Makeup becomes beautiful with the great use of makeup brushes. All makeup arts are beginning to style with the right selection of makeup brushes. There are different cosmetics brands that provide the best range of makeup brushes. These are available in markets with different price rates but you can also buy it separately. All makeup depends on the makeup brushes. You must have to learn the usage of different brushes to apply cosmetics as:

1.    Foundation Brush:

makeup brushes (1)

Foundation brushes are used to apply the foundation on face and on neck. This foundation brush has the very soft bushes on it and tagging no rash when blending the base on face.

2.    Concealer/Camouflage Brush:

Concealer brush is also known as Camouflage Brush. This brush is also having the soft bushes and specially made for the concealing the stick on the spots and under eye.

3.    Bronzer/Powder Brush:

makeup brushes (2)

After applying the foundation and conceal you have to apply the lose powder on it that way here is a special powder brush which is spread the lose powder with sequence in all over the face softly.

4.    Fan Powder Brush:

makeup brushes (3)

Fan brush having the spreading bushes in a bunch it looks like the fan that’s way it is called the fan brush. Fan brush is used for remove the extra shade n the face.

5.    Blusher Brush:

makeup brushes (4)

Blusher brush is used to apply the blush on cheeks. This blush having the smooth bushes and frequently apply the blush on in a right way.

6.    Eye Shadow Brush:

makeup brushes (5)

After completing the face foundation the first step is to apply the eye shadows on eye. You picked the eye shadow bush which having the small volume bushes and very easily pick up sense for eye shadow.

7.    Angle Eye Shadow Brush:

makeup brushes (6)

There are two types of eye shadow brush one is without edge and another is with edge bushes. Angle eye shadow is very helpful to apply the eye shadow in edgy shape.

8.    Fine Point Eyeliner Brush:

makeup brushes (7)makeup brushes (8)

After completing the eye shadows you apply the liner on eye. Here the fine eye liner pointer brush is specified for the liner. It has the very thin long bush in it like a pencil tip.

9.    Slanted Eyebrow Definer Brush:

makeup brushes (9)

After applying liner now it’s time to define the eye brows. There is the specified Slanted Eyebrow Definer Brush for applying the right shape on eye brows.

10.    Spiral Eyebrow Brush:

makeup brushes (10)

Spiral eyebrow brush is used for brush the eyebrows in a shape. Spiral name is defined its nature of brush. It blends well color in eyebrows and brush them.

11.    Lip Brush:

makeup brushes (11)

At the end it’s the time for applying the lip stick. Here is specific brush for apply the lip stick. This brush is having the edgy bushes for properly applying the lip shape.



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