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Tricks and Tips To Create A Polished Everyday Makeup Look in Less Than 15 Minutes

4 Makeup Tricks To Look Polished In Less Than 5 Minutes (3)

Women of all ages whether she is a young girl or middle age woman always wants to be look beautiful. They use makeup to look more beautiful, they do different types of makeup for different occasions as they wear natural makeup for every day, party makeup for parties and events and heavy bridal makeup for the wedding ceremony.

In this modern era, every girl puts some primary items of makeup in her bag that she can do by herself quickly.

Makeup is an art and every woman must know the art of makeup because some cannot afford parlor for every other function and should know some basics of it. You must have the ability to do your makeup for the time when there is no someone to help you.

Here will tell you in simple how you can do your makeup for casual occasions as well as for formal in less than 15 minutes. This make-up is suitable for casual occasion and for office women or college girls.

Concealer and Foundation:

Start your makeup with concealer because a concealer helps to hide your dark circles under your eyes and hide the other spots on the face. This makes you look more awake and it acts as the foundation for your highlighting.

After concealing the face, use a foundation to make your skin even tone, apply foundation in dots on your face and then blend it well onto your face with your finger tips gently. Now your face is ready for makeup.

Eyes Makeup:

The most difficult thing in makeup is the eye makeup because how to combine different shades can make troubles for you. Have shades before you and look for the brown color shade. With a brush make the first layer and then brown with darker color shade give an outline to the first shade.

Make shape of the eyes and also use black liner for the inner part of the eyes. With a white color pencil make line in the inner side of the eyes. Now use mascara for eye lashes look bigger and you will see a very natural but fresh look of the eyes. Eye lashes can be made larger with mascara or artificial eye lashes can also be used.

Blush on:

Blush is the fastest way to look radiant and now it’s time to pick a blush color because it gives your cheeks a natural glow and warm up your complexion. The right shade of blush on can give a perfect subtle pop. Apply blush on the apple of your cheeks, sweeping up into the hairline, smoothly blend the blush with a brush or sponge.

Lipstick/lip gloss:

Finish off your makeup with lip gloss or lipstick, pick a shade that closely matches to your dress, matches your natural lip color or your complexion as well. Apply a soft, nude shade for casual look, peach color gloss will give very charming look to the face. Use dark color glossy lipstick for functions.

4 Makeup Tricks To Look Polished In Less Than 5 Minutes (1) 4 Makeup Tricks To Look Polished In Less Than 5 Minutes (1) 4 Makeup Tricks To Look Polished In Less Than 5 Minutes (2) 4 Makeup Tricks To Look Polished In Less Than 5 Minutes (3) 4 Makeup Tricks To Look Polished In Less Than 5 Minutes (4)


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