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Traditional Bengali Bridal Makeup Ideas for Bengali Brides


Marriage is the most important, special and big day in every girl’s life, with all of their long-awaited dreams, hopes, and fantasies coming to life, it is easy to get worked up over tiny details that might or might not materialize, to fuss over plans, venues and what not. When a girl gets ready for her special day, the feeling is put of the world. As for the Bengali bride, her traditional attire is the most beautiful dress and one of the most important things for Bengali bride is the traditional makeup. With the use of bold colors; the traditional bridal makeup will make the bride a gorgeous sight to behold.

It is really makeup that can make or break your look on your special day and with the right kind of makeup you can accentuate and enhance your best features. The gorgeous red bindi, the chandan design around and the mukut with traditional red silk saree all are what make the Bengali beauty stand out from the rest.

In order to obtain a long lasting look, start by cleansing your face well with a good cleanser to remove the traces of dirt or oil from the face. Moisturize your face to get smooth and even skin tone, and then use a primer two minutes post moisturizing and blend it well. Primer helps to keep your concealer and foundation in place and keeps the makeup intact for long hours. After applying a primer conceal your face, it is equally important to use a concealer to cover up spots and blemishes.

Apply a foundation with the help of sponge or makeup brush, start applying the foundation from the center of the face and blend it outwards. A matt foundation would be a great option as well because a foundation with SPF will give you an undesirable flash on the face in photographs so it is better to avoid this and always use a foundation without SPF.

To apply blush on your cheeks, hold a steady smile and apply it on cheek bones in a circular motion, blend it upwards, towards the ears. If your eye makeup is heavy then you should avoid glittery blush. Bengali brides usually choose red blush. A makeup for luscious lips would include well defined lips with the help of a lip liner.

Bengali brides make red and white alternate motifs on their forehead and this feature is specialty of Bengali brides that give them unique look. It is like a signature makeup style. It can just be as simple as circular white and red dots or a particular pattern can also be followed. Eco friendly paints are used for this purpose and tooth picks and cotton buds are also used to draw the pattern perfectly.

Step aside high end makeup, ‘cause nothing makes a person more beautiful then adorning the faces with traditional Bengali designs, done with sandal wood paste. Nothing absolutely nothing can compete with chandan sojja. The look of a Bengali bride remains incomplete without a red bindi because it is quintessential for Bengali brides.

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