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Tips to Apply Eyes Shadow According Eye Shape

6 How to Apply Eye Shadow by Eye Shape (3)

Whenever you goes for eyes make up then you should make sure about your exact eye shape and here are countless eyes shape but some are common and most prominent such as almond eyes &round eyes, deep set eye, droopy eyes & hooded eye, monolid eyes and downturned or upturned eye. After determine about eye shape now, this is easiest task to apply accurate professionally eyes shadow. Eyes make up quietly applied on eye lid but its significance is most prominent that brings exceptional jazz up beauty glance in your texture that’s reason it’s applied cautiously otherwise overflowing eyes shadow can also make your look like a joker. Today, at this blog I am going to share professionally eyes make up tips those are suggested according the eyes shape for better spectacular consequence. Have a look and check detail!

1 Deep set eye make up

1 eyes make up for deep set eyes
If you have really deep set eyes make up and wants to stand this prominent beautiful then this is not tricky job for you. Light shades eyes make up is good for make deep set eyes wondrous catchy.
?    Firstly, conceal eyes dark or black circles from skin tone by best concealer or primer.
?    Blend it well and make your full face contour clearly alike.
?    Apply light eye shadow (matte or gleaming) on the over eye lid
?    For highlighted attention, apply dark shade that matches with eye ball on outside corner of eye.
?    These make up tips are vital for make outstanding stunning your deep set eyes.

2 Almond or round eyes shadow

2 almond eyes beauty2 How to Apply Eye Shadow by Eye Shape (1)
Almond & round eyes shape has almost similar look that’ reason these make up tips are also identical. If you eye ball I means, iris disappears when you straight see in mirror then this is “almond” & if entirely show then you have “round” eyes. These both shapes are lucky because these are standard beauty eyes shapes from centuries. These are also called downturned & upturned eyes. If you want to enhance the catchy look of your eyes then apply on these effectual tips.
?    If you are almond & rounder eye then you are lucky because you have enormous choices to apply eyes makeup.
?    First of all, get information about occasion where you are going.
?    If that is formal celebration then highlighted gorgeous eyes make is best.
?    Apply eye shadow base or primer for smooth canvas look.
?    If you have dark eye circle then apply concealer for hide them.
?    Apply lightest eye shade on entire outer eye lid from lash line to brow bone.
?    Now apply, darker color than light on the crease and blend it towards up.
?    For spellbinding look, apply darker from crease shade on the outer half & spread towards outer corners.
?    Brow bone eyes shade also should dark than crease color for dramatic valued look.

3 Hooded eyes beauty by make up

3 smokey eyes steps
Hooded eyes have an extra layer of coat over the eye lid that drooped from brow bone and exude eye shape smaller. If you are in trouble about hooded eyes then stand on the front of mirror and see straight. If the folded skin drop over the mid eye lid and your upper eye part doesn’t see too much then these are exactly hooded and latest trendy Smokey eyes make up is directly for you.

?    Bold & dark eyes make up is best for hooded shape for highlight it.
?    You select more than one eyes shadow for Smokey eyes.
?    Put your gloomy eyes shadow slightly on the mid crease and dark on eye lid corners.
?    Brow bone also should highlight for drowsy Smokey eyes make up.

4 Monolid eyes makeup tips

4 monilid eyes makeup
Monolid eyes look like Chinese’s people eyes those have not enough crease part and brow bone is softy visible that you can also say double eye lid eyes that generally flat in expression. This looks childish eyes shape and its superb stunning make up tips are shared here.
?    Best make up for monolid is in three steps!
?    After primmer tips apply darker shade on first eye lid that is closed to lash line.
?    Soft neutral hue is best for crease or mid lid.
?    Deck brow bone eye from slightly shiny color.

6 How to Apply Eye Shadow by Eye Shape (3)7 How to Apply Eye Shadow by Eye Shape (1)5 How to Apply Eye Shadow by Eye Shape (5)
I hope, now, you will be capable to applied professionally eyes make up according the eyes shape for best catchy look.


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