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Tips for Make my Lips Look Thin with Steps:

how to make smaller lips

Woman is the name of beauty and we also know that fashion, makeup & getups are the passions f all women. They love to do all stylish trendier things with themselves. Now days a big fashion trend is come is that the big pouts lips. Thinner lip women also get surgeries and extend the lips. But those guys that is having the already extended lip & wanted to do thinner or smaller lips wants for the thin lips. No need to worried about that here we have some simple tips for wearing the lipstick & look like the thin lips as well. Let’s have a look to these tips right below as:
•    Apply concealer & primer:

how to make smaller lips (1)

First of all for applying the lipstick, you must apply the concealer on lips and blend it well. After this you apply the primer on the lips & also blend it smoothly on lips. This will help to lock the lipstick on lip for a long time.
•    Draw Lip Lin in natural shape:

After applying concealer & primer, you have to need a sharp lip pencil & apply it in a natural shape. Using the light color lip pencil for highlighted on lips. Try to give the shape in inner area to lips.
•    Apply light lipsticks:

After applying the lip pencil, the next step is to apply the lip stick on the lips. Dark shade lipstick getting you the heavy pouts of lips. That’s way try to apply the light shaded lipstick on lips for soft look.
•    Apply some shining gloss & smile:

how to make smaller lips

As you completed your lipstick, then now at the end you should apply the shiny lip gloss on lips for shine. Apply lip gloss only in the central part of the lips & keep smiling.


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