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The Best way to Apply Lip Gloss over Lipstick Like a Pro

1. how to apply lip gloss over lipstick

It’s an art of applying lipstick to your lips because everyone is not perfect in doing makeup and even some girls create mess while putting lipstick. I have experienced such girls who have bad shape when they apply lipstick and looking at them I think it was better if they don’t do this to their lips. Well to make your lips more beautiful you should consider some points and some specific tips or steps will make you enable to put lipstick like a pro. But the matter is that not only perfect in applying lipstick but also the lip gloss over it.

1. how to apply lip gloss over lipstick
Have you done this ever? If not or if yes but with a mess then don’t worry I am here to sort out the problem. First you should consider your complexion because if you go wrong with the colors then surely it would not be good at look. If you have fair tone you can try pink and natural subtle shades, the girls with even tone skin should use brown and purple etc while the dark skin girls select red and the colors that glow their skin instead of losing the attraction. When you select the lipstick color then start searching the same color lip gloss a bit darker than lipstick. Now the real work starts when you have to do the whole work on your lips.
Before applying anything you must exfoliate the lips with tooth brush so that it works best.

    Go with the lipstick you have chosen but carefully along the natural lip line of your lips.
    If you want to measure the lip line best and the shape then apply concealer right over the lip line and start appropriating the lipstick.
    For long last effect or to base it strongly take a one coat of lipstick and press a tissue paper under your lips, give another coat of lipstick that will keep the lipstick for hours on your lips.
    Your next step is simply putting the lip gloss but keep in mind you don’t have to pour it over the lips as some girls are look like they have pat the gloss like chapped thing with a too much hard look.
    Some girls have problem with the wand and the gloss tube that when they are going to apply it over lipstick all the lipstick has panic over wands and the process started to be wicked.
    Makeup professionals always recommend that a little brush works best while you are trying to shine your lips with lip gloss.

close up on a woman who applied lip gloss
    To make the lips fuller like Start it with brush, instead of applying it at corners of lips start it from bottom of the lower lip or you can use it on upper too.
    Just join your lips together to pat it on all the other parts but carefully it may not cross the lip lines as it give bad effect and all your work get smashed.
    If you want to long it last the whole day with an addition of powder and over gloss your lips will sustain it all the daylong with giving a good look.

These were the simple steps and tips that can help you in processing the way of applying lip gloss over lipstick. I hope you will like and it further helps you in making your lips fuller like. Stay connected for more tips have a nice day.


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