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Some ways to Do Cute Emo Makeup Perfectly for Girls

4. How to do cute emo makeup

Ok fine! You’ve just decided to be a perfect Emo girl and wanna do the makeover right this fashion requires, so you are at right planet and just keep on reading my post to find some easy ways of having Emo makeup faultlessly. The common hues found on the faces of Emo girls are dark eyes, fair skin and light lipstick shades that make them prominent among a big crowd but before going to tell you the makeup techniques of Emo girls you must clear one thing in mind that Emo girls are also recognized by their hairs, yes they get the choppy and edgy straight hairs experience vibrant hair dyes like pink, purple, green, blue, golden and even the natural black. So you may define your hairs first and then come to the makeup.
Well taking a start from the very first step I would like to invite the Emo girls to keep on reading the post for further ideas.

Washing or cleansing the face

1+ How to do cute emo makeup

•    First wash your face with any mild soap
•    You can also use any face wash suited to skin or a cleanser because you have to put a lot of coats of skin powder or foundation
•    Pat the skin dry in air but don’t use any towel

Coat of powder and foundation

2. How to do cute emo makeup

•    For Emo girls its compulsory to get the coats of base fairly but before getting any coat you must get the right foundation matched with skin tone
•    Concealer is also helpful in hiding the blemishes or any scars from skin
•    After applying foundation get the skin powder and try it with the help of brush, blend it on skin perfectly without any disaster

Natural shades of blush on

3. How to do cute emo makeup

•    Always use natural shades of blush on
•    Pink is just the right shade to get your skin blushed
•    But don’t contour it anyways
•    Start applying round shape on cheeks and make the face natural

Eyeliner type for Emo girls

4. How to do cute emo makeup 4+ How to do cute emo makeup

•    Basically the cat eyes are made by Emo girls having thick eyeliner and smoky eyes are their preference
•    You may use black pencil or the liquid eyeliner but keep in mind make the natural shape perfectly
•    Start from the inner edge of eye close to the eye line and take it to the outer, smudge the liner rightly and make the thicker from outer corner of eye
•    The blended and thicker cat eye liner are right way of giving Emo vibes but one more type is to have wings eyeliner which will also make an Emo girl tremendous

Eyelashes depiction with mascara and lenses

5. How to do cute emo makeup

•    well it’s important to signify the eyes having mascara but if you add the fake long eyelashes it would be mesmerizing
•    but it’s risky to stick the lashes perfectly with the use of gum
•    look for the quality mascara and get close to the lashes
•    for more perfect look of Emo girl, the option of getting different vibrant color eye lenses is just wow, so get the colors and rock your appearance

Apply natural shades of lipstick

6. How to do cute emo makeup

•    Don’t go with darker lipstick shades
•    Natural and pastel shades are right for Emo girls
•    Normally pink color is the favorite choice, so keep it blush on lips
•    Darker tones are used by gothic and punk fashion followers that is why it’s important to differentiate the fashion

Further suggestion:

Use the dark black pencil for giving the best shape to eyebrows, and get pierced your face as this is the essential thing to inspire your perfect Emo look.


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