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Some Natural Ways To Take Care Of Eyes

how to take care of your eyes naturally (3)

Eyes are the very important part of bodies and the people who have lost their eyesight can tell you the pain of not looking any thing clear to them. If you see clearly then it is a great blessing that you have and you must try to protect you eyes from any kind of damage.

Do not neglect to take care of your eyes as these are important for your work. Not only women but men must also be conscious about their eye sight but definitely women are more concerned about their eyes as sparkling eyes definitely add more charm to beautiful face. Women must take care of their eyes and try to do everything in order to keep them beautiful.

Internal and external both ways are there for you to do in order to have shiny eyes with strong eye sight. Some natural ways are described here for you:

Clean your eyes:

Try to wash your eyes whenever you come home and let go off all dust that may stay in your eyes. You can use rose water to clean your eyes and rose water is very good to make eyes clean from dust, give shine to eyes and also good for eye sight.

Drink a lot of water and do exercise:

Drinking water is not only good for your body in terms of digestion and moving away wastes but also it is good for eye sight.  Water Is available all time and once you make it habit to drink a lot for water you will see its result also in your eyes. Also you can do exercise of eyes and that is to move them from top to bottom and from left to right. Moving your eye lenses in this pattern will help you in making the eye muscles strong but do this exercise when you wake up in the morning.

 A sound sleep for healthy eyes:

A sound sleep from 7-8 hours is necessary for healthy looking eyes otherwise you will see dark circles around your eyes that will diminish your entire graceful look. While you go to sleep in bed forget all your worries about the day and the most important thing is to relax your mind otherwise you are just pretending to sleep when your brain is thinking about riddles of life.

Use cucumber for eyes:

Cucumber slices are one of the most useful things for having shiny eyes with strong eye-sight. Place the slices of cucumber on eyes for 15-20 minutes regularly and see the result after 15 days. This method is best to apply and you can relax your eyes and mind with this method.

Avoid reading in dim light:

It is better to not read than to read in dim lights dim light can cause strain and will damage your eye-sight. If you ever feel tired while reading must take a break relax your eyes then start reading again.

Drink Carrot juice for eye-sight:

To make eyes beautiful you need to make them strong internally. Weak eyes that make you feel trouble while looking at something can make you confuse in front of people. So drink carrot juice regularly as it is good for eye muscles and brain muscles.

Make less of sitting before computer:

If your job is to sit before computer or laptop for long time then you at high risk of losing eye-sight. Within a week must go to check your eye-sight so before facing any kind of serious damage you will be conscious to take precautionary measures. Do not look at computer for too long time without blinking your eyes that can make eyes dry. Glaring at TV screen or computer screen can damage eye muscles so be careful about this and limit your time of seeing computer or TV.

how to take care of your eyes naturally (1)

how to take care of your eyes naturally (4)

how to take care of your eyes naturally (3)

how to take care of your eyes naturally (2)


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