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Some Easy Tricks to Shape the Perfect Brows

natural eyebrow shape 1

the perfect eyebrow shape 2

Eyebrow is the face part that works as the eyes enhancer in a natural shape. But if you go wrong with the shape not accord to the face shape then there would be a face disaster. Women make them to enhance the face beauty in lifting the shape. Different shapes are for different faces. Mostly it is tried to give a natural shape that looks great on a certain face but I have experienced some women who always want a thin aligned shape that create a look of out dated trend in which a clever look appears in a wrong way. Now a days natural shape are given to eyebrows with some tricks even you can do at home keeping in mind some considerations. Many eyebrow shaping tutorial are available on websites but we are going to sum up all the tips that makeup artists and stylists have given. A perfect eyebrow shape starts from begin of brow that is right accord to the bridge of nose and the bottom of nostril. The arch lies on the black third of eye while then end will be along with the end of eye don’t take it to the temple as it looks fade.

    Never ever try to wax and shave your eyebrows because you don’t have balance over waxing and sometimes the wrong hairs become victim to your carelessness. These hairs do not grow fast as a result you turn on waiting mode for 2 months.

how to shape, tweeze and trim eyebrow for best shape 3
    First brush your hair with brow brush that is normally available in the makeup brushing kit.
    Take a lip or brow pencil to make the right shape so that the extra hairs could be trimmed. Be careful of the color pencil it should be the best quality that not looks like painted brutally.
    You may use powder to make your work in a best way.
    Start tweezing inside the brow don’t go outside first it will deshape the brow.
    When you tweeze perfectly brush to upper side so that the excess hair will be cut out. Trim these hairs with scissors.
    Now once again monitor your work if the shape is right doing repeat with other brow to make it flawless.
    Keep in mind the shape brow pencil or powder color must be according to your natural hair color.
    Following these easy steps you can make the perfect shape of your brows.

natural eyebrow shape 1


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