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Smokey Eyes Makeup for Small Eyes

0. smokey eyes makeup for small eyes

Ideas to apply the Smokey make up in your small eyes

0. smokey eyes makeup for small eyes

Make  up is such a skill which every girl want to   learn because  without make up no  woman  can live  because it  becomes  essential for them  and in the bag of  a lady must be a thing of cosmetics is add   because without maker you can’t look rock  and in the makeup there are so many styles are inn  which give you a different look at every time   Smokey makeup, shimmery  make up ,matte   and glitter all are common among the girls but now a day Smokey make up is  very inn  the girls are going with it because with it the whole face remain natural and the black eyes looks dashing and attractive   but the eyes are not same of all people it s different  of all people  some has big eyes some small and some  has normal  so the  big eyes can be go with any style and shade but the small eyes  girls should not  be worried   about their eyes that they can’t  go with the Smokey eyes here I  have some ideas that can help  you to do Smokey make up  in your small and it show  your eyes bigger than your actual size so see some tips which can help  you to apply smoky make up.

0+ smokey eyes makeup for small eyes

•    The girls who have smaller eyes than their  face  then  they should not use the dark colors like  purple ,brown ,bronze  or much dark black  shade  on your small eyes.

•    First of all use the primer in your eyes and blend it carefully and after it use the concealer on the lids   till your brow bones and    merge it accurately.

•    If you have the dark circles under your eye then it is good for you to cover it with the foundation take some drop of foundation and apply it on the  place where you are feeling much dark circles.

•    Doesn’t use the dark color on your whole eye lid just keep it in the center of your eyes .Try to use the eye shade   at the half end of your eyes

•    Use the light colors on the frontal lid  to make your eyes  more  attractive first draw a  line up the eye  on the  eye lid and eye brow  bone   try to use the black pencil and applicator brushes to draw a line .

•    Use the black color but not go with the jet black because it shows your eyes shorter than your actual eyes. If you do   more black then your eyes look shrunken and withered.

•    Use a cream color pencil on the rim  of your eyes you can use the  milky white pencil liner on your rim  but it is up to your face shape  because it can give somebody a pop look some people feel bad to it .

•    Now take a shimmer white and silver eye pencil and   put a dot between your nose and eyes and use the shimmer in the upper lid of your eyes and  then   silver eye pencil  is good for high light  your  brow bones  and if you use the blue color then in the center blend with the black and the  on the last of your eyes apply blue eyes pencil with shimmer.

•    If your lashes are not too big then you can use the fake lashes easily  use the thick layer of mascara on your eye lashes   and make it so thicker but don’t use the eyeliner on the  smoky  otherwise you look odd and  your eyes become more smaller.

•    Not only matte rather the   glitter and sparkling make up is also very good in the Smokey eye but it is good in the   winter but girls are using the matte half eye Smokey make up in their daily routine and when they are going ion any semi formal party.

1. smokey eyes makeup for small eyes 2. smokey eyes makeup for small eyes 3. smokey eyes makeup for small eyes 4. smokey eyes makeup for small eyes 5. smokey eyes makeup for small eyes 6. smokey eyes makeup for small eyes

Fashion tip:

with the Smokey make up   you should avoid the dark red lipstick and bold   foundation  because the  eye shade is so much dark  it’s have no  need to do more make up just  nude lipstick with the peach and skin color blush on  and  black mascara is good for your Smokey look  in the night function it can give you a  fantastic  look so try to apply this make up in the night functions .



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