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Right Lipstick Color Selection for Brownish Skin Tone Girls & Ladies

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Lipstick Color Guidance for Black or Brown Women:

The determination of the skin tone is the first thing that every lady should do now because on the base of skin tone you choose right color of dress for you, right metal of jewelry & right shades of makeup as well as lipstick. So, determine now. See the veins of your wrist now & decide whether your veins are blue or green & in between bluish plus greenish tone. If your veins are blue then you have cool skin tone & if veins are green tint then you has warm skin tone & if a mixture of green & blue then you have medium skin tone. Mostly it is seen that the ladies who have cool skin tome can wear any color of clothes & can choose shades of make up without any kind of hesitation. But the real problem occurs for those who have warm skin tone. Warm skin stone is further categorized into light brown, medium brown & dark brown.

•    When it comes to choose lipstick colors for warm skin tone ladies then light brown skin tone women can go with dark red or plum shades. The light shades of taupe, red & peach lipstick are also best.
•    For medium brown skin tone the browns and nudes shades of lipstick are also best that are two tone darker than their skin tone.
•    For dark brown complexion or mahogany skin tone ladies the dark burgundy or deep brown lipsticks tones are good.
•    The caramel complexion ladies can also go with brighter red, orange, coral color of lipsticks.
•    The Dark brown skin tone ladies should apply lip gloss on darker color lipstick for creating a softer impact.
•    Brown skin tone ladies should have red, bronze, fuchsia, magenta, deep pink, medium brown, bronze, chocolate brown & deep brown color of lipsticks into their makeup collection.

See the following pictures & observe how you can use these colors & what impact they create on brownish skin tone ladies face.

beauty of the red lipstick brown shade lipstick brown women brown eyes pink lipstick for brown skin purple lipstick stunning branded lip colors (1)

Here I am also going to give some names of brand, types & color of lipsticks that you can choose for getting like a graceful diva look!

Brand: L’Oreal Paris
Type of Lipstick is infallible lip gloss
Color of Lipstick is Barely Nude

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Brand: Wet n Wild
Type of Lipstick is Silk Finish Lipstick
Color of Lipstick is Sunset Peach

stunning branded lip colors (3)

Brand: NARS
Type of Lipstick is sheer
Color of Lipstick is Gipsy

stunning branded lip colors (4)

Brand: MAC
Type of Lipstick is Matte or Sheer
Colors are Ruby Woo & Russian Red

stunning branded lip colors


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