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Perfect Makeup Looks and Tips With White Dress

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Nothing looks elegant than a beautiful white dress because white color stands for peace and a white dress has got a calming effect. In western countries, it has become a traditional bridal color. We also like to wear white dress on formal events, parties and other celebrations. White dress draws a lot of attention towards your skin and face so do your makeup with great care because makeup plays an important role. White dresses are super chic and when paired with right makeup, make your look gorgeous and pristine. If you want to look your prettiest in white dress then stay with us and read the article and know about the makeup ideas with white dress.

A few days before when you are wearing a white dress in a party or event, moisturize your skin regularly with a rich night cream because with dry and flaky skin you would not look pretty. On the day of event and after wearing the white dress, cover up any pimples, spots and dark circles with a concealer and apply a touch of peach blush to the apples of your cheeks.  After applying the concealer and blush, apply a light foundation on your face and neck, it will make your skin appear naturally. Make your eyes beautiful with light brown or nude color eye shadow, liner and mascara and apply peach color lipstick on your lips and you are ready to go for a party.

If you want to look dashing in a white dress then pop up your lips with a bright red color. Red lips and black dress is no doubt a timeless combination but when a white dress is teamed with red lips it also looks alluring. You can see in the picture, the model wore a sexy white dress with red lip color, boho jewelry and holding a clutch in her hand is looking beautiful. This combination is simple yet so gorgeous can never go wrong.  This can light up your day with elegance and also make you look completely gorgeous and sexier in the night.

A perfect pair of smoky eyes adds depth and dimensions to eyes and makes them really stand out. Don’t forget to add oodles of mascara, keep cheeks and lips understated match to the dress or light peach color, it’s sultry dramatic and dramatic and creates an alluring sophisticated look as you can see in the picture Bollywood celebrity Kareena kapoor is looking so pretty by wearing a simple and plain white dress with a large orange color necklace.

No doubt, bright lips look stunning with white dress but sometimes nude lips and flushed cheeks look stunning as well. A stroke of winged eyeliner is very versatile and looks good with almost everything while a bolder winged eye liner looks so beautiful with soft feminine white dresses.

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