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Makeup Ideas for Women Over Age 30:

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Woman is the name of beauty. A girl become the women by passed away every phase of age. The makeup looks beautiful if it is done according to the age. There are the different styles in makeup for the different stages of life. Here we talk about the makeup ideas for women over age 30. Firstly they

considers not the teen girls by selves and be adopted the decent fashion sense with elegant makeup look. Let’s have a look to these makeup tips for women over 30 plus.
Women with 30 plus age, firstly applying the moisturizing cream on face and massage it for getting the soft and clean skin. After cleansing the face the next step is to apply the conceal stick and blend it well then apply the ivory shade foundation on face and neck.

Women with 30 plus age must apply the primer for eye makeup and using the shimmery shade for eye makeup. Use the curler for curl the lashes and apply mascara. Liner is applying in a straight way and at the end f eyes makeup you apply the suitable shade for brows and brush it.

At the end apply the red lipstick in glossy touch. Now you are ready for going to a wedding party. Keep smile on your face and enjoy it.

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