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Makeup Guide Easy Steps for Applying Foundation Flawlessly

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How I can Apply Foundation without Blemishes?

Mostly it is seen that girls & women are very crazy about fashion, make up & shopping. I think every lady & girls is ready to shop, ready to go into a parlor or ready to watch fashion shows ever if she is tired. Yes, it’s happen in this world. Well, I think that’s call the spirit. So, if you are also very crazy about fashion & make up then dear it’s the right blog for you where you can find the latest fashion related articles. Today, I am going to focus on the favorite topic of all ladies. Yes you guess it right I am talking about the make-up. Make up makes a woman to look more beautiful & every women desire to look stunning & graceful & in this regard makeup plays a crucial rule. In make up the base is very important if it is made flawlessly then you will very beautiful. So, on this page I am going to tell you about the flawless application of foundation because mostly for base foundation is used along with concealer & powder. Let’s starts!

•    You need to buy the right tone of foundation for your skin. I mean buy a foundation that goes best with your skin tone. Every lady has a different skin tone so buying whitish foundation is not a good idea. Choose one shade that suits you best.
•    You need to keep your skin type into your mind. I mean some ladies have oily skin; some have dry while some have moderate. So, buy a foundation that is best for your skin type.

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•    First of all, you need to prepare your face for the application of foundation. For this purpose, go into the wash room & wash your face. Then moisturize your face with a moisturizer that your use regularly.
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•    Now come into your room. Stand in front of mirror of dressing table.
•    Add some foundation on the back of your hand. Apply foundation on the face in the form of dots. Apply dots on forehead, near jaw line, on nose & don’t forget to apply foundation dots under eyes because I think on face the darkest area is the under eyes. Yes, by using foundation you need to hide the dark circles.
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•    Now the next step is the blending of foundation. You have three options. First is you can blend it with a sponge, second is with a brush & third is with your finger. Sometimes you can use your fingers, brush as well as sponge for best blending. Blending is the key to apply flawless foundation. If you blend it well then there will be no blemishes on the face. Your face will look even.

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•    In the last you need to dust some translucent powder on your face. This powder is used to avoid the creasing on face that may occur due to laughing or speaking. It locked the surface.
•    Now you can do your eye makeup, you can apply lipstick, liner, mascara, blush on etc.
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Hopefully, these steps will help you to apply flawless foundation on your face when you are getting ready for a party, Wedding function or dinner!


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