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Make Your Thin Lips Beautiful By Following This Technique

Lipstick On Thin Lips (2)

Women are crazier about their beauty and looks so they wear makeup to look more beautiful and stylish. So makeup has become a compulsory part of their lives and they don’t go out of the houses before wearing makeup. It is said that makeup is an art and anyone cannot do this easily because  different kinds of makeup is used for different occasions for example if you are going to attend a wedding ceremony, you need to wear dark and glamorous makeup and light makeup go best for formal parties.

All women don’t know how to wear good makeup according to the skin, complexion and features of the face; some have fair and clear skin while others have dark and dull. Some have thick lips and some have thin but women with thin lips are worried about wearing the lip color in right way. Here we are telling you some techniques by following them you can wear lips in right way.
If you have thin lips then you need these things to apply lipstick on your lips. You will need a

Lip liner
Lip brush
Lipstick or lip gloss

First, analyze the shape of your lips because in some people bottom lip is thinner than the upper lip while in some people the situation is opposite and upper lip is thinner than the bottom lip. After examine your lips shape, prepare them for lipstick with a lip conditioner or lip primer because it provides a smooth and even base and facilitates effortless application. Make a perfect outline with a sharp lip pencil to enhance the shape of lips.

If your upper lip is thinner than the bottom lip, follow these instructions before applying the lipstick. Start making the outline by lining the Cupid’s bow, gently draw a line across the peak of the lip and contour the lip till the comers, try to create the soft lines instead of crisp lines so that your lips will look naturally full.

After making the outline of the upper lip, make it with the bottom lip, start from the corners and gradually draw the line till the center of the lips, use short strokes to draw the line. After doing this, fill the entire lip with the same pencil. If you fill your lips with a lip pencil or lip liner, it makes your lipstick long lasting.

Use a lip brush to apply the lipstick because it s the best way to apply a lipstick and it facilitates precise application. Fill your lips with short strokes and gently blend the lipstick evenly everywhere. Dab a concealer on the edges and corners of your lips with a brush. This makes the look of your lips neat.

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