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Lipstick Ideas for The Girls for The Different Events And Age


The other name of women is beauty because the women can’t live without fashion because they want to look trendy and modern in this modern age no one can be  move in the  society without make up make up can change your overall look it can change your all features because there are many bases and the foundation  and contouring  article that  an show your nose slim and the lips  thinner so in the bag of the ladies  ,

make up is the compulsory especially lipstick is the compulsory thing fort the ladies because if you are feeling ill and too much upset your face is looking so dull then apply  lipstick due to the just lipstick you look fresh and active  and lipstick is applied by the ladies in so many different colors and the  girls  are rocking  with the help of lipstick and the  too much shades are in the matte ,nude and the  glittered  shaded you can apply this color  according  to your  skin tone and dress.

Lipstick trend never remain same it is in changing because it is also applied according to the season in the winter dark shades are used and in summer  light shades are used. For the formal ,semi formal and the casual look you can apply the lipstick according to your complexion. If you want to see the famous colors of lipstick then stay with us and see the different shades of lipstick for you.

Purple and magenta color:


If you are going in the function or any formal place then you can use the magenta or purple lipstick for the deep shaded lips because in the night functions if you are going with your dark  color dress then you should apply light lipstick  because dark with dark don’t look nice  and the beige color dress is good for your dark shaded lips  with it you can apply the same color  nail paint the senior ladies also go with this lipstick shade it can give you a perfect party look.

Light pink color:


Light pink color is very cute it gives you a sweet and innocent look  so if you want to go with the pink shade lipstick then  your face complexion should be  white  because on the dark complexion pink is not best  so the young girls and the teen age girls can go with the light pink lipstick  with the pink lipstick silver shimmery eye makeup look attractive  with your light color dresses apply this lipstick for the shiny touch apply the same color lip shiner.

Red color lips:


Red color is very nice and attractive  because it gives you hot and sexy  look because  many glamorous ladies like to go with red  in the red color matte and the shiny both are used now it is up to you   which do you like most  I think red color in matte look so  attractive in winter red color  with glossy touch  is also best you can apply this shade in the  night  parties with the black and white both dresses  you can use this lipstick for the hot and charming look.

Nude pink shaded lips:


The girls who want to live simple but the natural make up is their  choice because they want to look  simple but decent and if you are teen age celerity then apply the tea pink and nude lipstick  with your simple mustard shimmered eyes and the  kajal if you are going in the award show or any  evening party then  apply the light shades on your eyes and apply the  light shaded lipstick means decorate your eyes with the eyeliner ,mascara and the eyebrow pencil. With the side braided and the sleek high ponytail.

Chocolate shaded lipstick:


The girls who want to look like the street style girl and the bohemian style then they can go with the dark maroon and the chocolate shade lipstick  and the many Emo girls  also used the chocolate shade with  the touch of magenta  and the  sleek eyeliner on your eyes can give you a perfect Emo look the lips of the  Emo is something wide  and fat then apply this lipstick and go out.

Colorful lipsticks:


Now a das many lipsticks shades are common among the ladies because  in this trendy age everything is changed like the nail paint colors so many lipsticks are also used  so if you want to apply colorful  lipstick then go with  the  purple ,orange and maroon  dark shaded are best for you but for applying these lipstick first see  your skin complexion if you are applying the Smokey make u then  purple is not good for you  orange color is very  common now a days it look so nice when you apply base and foundation .


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