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Ideas To Do Make Up On Your Oily Skin


The skin type of all the people are different from one another because it look like same from the outer but from the inner totally change in the skin tones oily, dry and normal three type of skin is included and skin is the main thing when a person see you first he see towards your skin means face and the face is very sensitive part of body it can be damaged very quickly so if you are using the cosmetics then take care of your skin type. Now in this modern age there so many things which are used for the skin beauty and many brands have introduced their special products which can make you beautiful and attractive .

Ladies that are very conscious about their beauty they want to remain young and want to look like the teen age girls. But teen age girls have something acne problem due to the hormones change they are worried about their face  they want to get rid of these scars but it goes with the time  so oily skin ladies have need to do much take care because their skin is sensitive and that can’t afford the oily cosmetics so  if you have oily skin then you should stay with us and  know the ways how to do your make up .

Ice cubes and cold water:

First of all when you are going in the evening party or day party   what you want then you should wash your face with the ice water  and the ice cubes massage on your  face when you  will feel  your face is  start burning then apply the multani mask and the  peach scrub  and cleansing milk before doing makeup it give you this benefit that your face release  less oil  and your dirt and tan skin  will become  fresh .

Foundation and powder:

Apply the little quantity of  foundation on your face  and  absorb it correctly in on your skin  and on the neck apply some foundation match your skin and neck color  then use the compact powder for doing your skin neat and fresh loose powder is good for the  oily skin ladies because it keep your skin oil free  with the  powder brush  apply on your nose chin and the  cheek bones .

Select the base:

If your face is oily and leave too much oil on your face then   you should go with the face compact which we use with the  wet sponch  and on it use the bronzer  for enhancing the beauty of your  features   select the foundation according to your  skin tone because if you go opposite to it  then you look ridiculous  match the foundation shade with your face shade.

Blush on:

Now a day’s blush on is very trendy  ladies use the blush on for urges their beauty bones  and the tan skin ladies should use the light colors and the  white  complexion  ladies can go with  the tea pink and the  brown color  blush on and the dark complexion ladies select the peach ,olive and the  chocolate brown shades for their beauty.


The ladies who have oily skin they should avoid to use the glitter make up because when the oil is releasing on their face all the glitter is spreading on all the face and you look so funny so the oil skin go with the matte shades  because it look so nice with the liner and the mascara you can go with the chocolate and the mustard color and first give  the shape your eyebrows because it give you good if your eyes are full of makeup and your eye brows shape are  not good then you must pay attention toward the plucking.

Liner and mascara:

On the matte shade you should not use the liquid eyeliner rather use the smoky smudged eyeliner and the heavy coat of mascara  on your eyelashes if you are going in the day party then go  but for night party  you can use the  fake eye lashes  and make your eyes bigger than your actual eyes. If your eyes arte small then don’t use wide eyeliner under your eyes to make the edgy or Egyptian eyes.


In the last when we are moving toward our final touch of makeup that is lipstick so don’t use the gloss and shiny lip gloss in the summer at the place of gloss you can use the matte lipstick but if you have used the dark color on your eyes then apply the light shade lipstick but on your light eyeshades use the dark lipstick color.

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