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Ideas for Engagement Makeup According The Outfit


Engagement is a pre-wedding function in which you are committed to a person. It would be very significant in this context too that you are going to become a bridal for the first time. There is a great difference between wedding bridal and a bridal on engagement as the bridal on engagement is supposed to be dress in less heavy outfit as compare to wedding dress.

Whatever you are wearing your make-up is going the set of your overall demeanor so be careful while you done your make-up. Although bridals consult a beautician for this purpose but here we will show you how you can ready yourself for engagement on your own. But if still you think you should go for salon to have perfect result then must read this because you should have knowledge about it all before.

Perfect base according to your skin tone;


First of all make sure that you have moisturized your face and your skin has become smooth now. Before the day of the function you can adopt different herbal tips to make your skin clean and to glow your face. As home remedy you can apply a mask of honey and gram flour with one or two drops of lemon juice. By using this tip you would have a glowing and soft skin. If you would apply base on rough skin it will drab soon. So your base come the first and it is like a pillar to your remaining make-up.

Eye make-up;


It is not necessary to match the eye shades of your make-up exactly to the colors of your outfit. If you do the eye make-up with right color shades and in right proportion it can do wonders for you. Eyes hold the central position to your face. If you wear a dark shade make-up just to match to your outfit it will give you horrible effect. Smoky make-up and glitter make-up are trendy these days. In the picture a bridal is wearing peach color dress and glitter make-up with the mixture of black and golden shade is looking perfect with the dress.

Lipstick or lip gloss;


Pure matte lipstick can make your face look dull. But if you are wearing heavy make-up on your eyes then make your lipstick dark but if the eye make-up is light as then you can apply a dark pout. On engagement earthy colors are mostly worn and with these colors light color lipstick with smoky eye make-up will be suitable.

Contour your cheeks well;


Peach, grey and grey colors for engagement dresses look awesome. With these colors you should select smoky eye make-up and light color lipstick. Do not confuse your face with shimmer and glitter together as it can give you a dramatic effect. Contour your cheeks well in accordance with the jaw line of your face. But its effect should be very light as it is just to make your jaws look prominent and to make your face look slim if it is heavy.

Some precautions to avoid bad result;


You need to be careful that all your make-up is according to your skin tone. Engagement make-up is just to enhance your features and you are not supposed to over load your face with different cosmetics. Try to look as natural as possible avoiding all kind of dramatic look. Be careful about the dark circles it can spoil the grace of your make-up. Your make-up should look nice even in photographs as the pictures will be for a long time.


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