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Tips for Small Eyes Appear Bigger Makeup:

making small eye bigger look tips (3)

There are many makeup tips for different sort of faces & features. Here we have some makeup tips for small eyes to look bigger. Let’s have a look to these tips for small eyes appear bigger makeup as:

1)    Applied suitable concealer for dark circle

making small eye bigger look tips (1)

First of all apply the suitable double or triple shaded mixed concealer stick under eye for conceals the dark circle. Blend the conceal liquid or stick with your finger tips for long lasted eye makeup. It is very important to look the small eye in bigger shape with conceal the dark circle.

2)    Curl up the lashes

making small eye bigger look tips (5)

For small eyes, it needs to curl up the eye lashes for making the small eye seems to be big eyes. Curl lashes are also need for applying the mascara to lashes.

3)    Defines the crease line on eye lid

making small eye bigger look tips (4)

Apply the dark shade on eye crease line for define the eye shape. It seems to be like the small eye in a bigger look with dark definition of eye crease line with pencil.

4)    Add some shimmer on the upper side lid

After applying the dark crease line you apply the related suitable shimmer shade on the upper of the eye. This looks the small eye in a wide site.

5)    Draw bottom out line with dark shade

After applying the eye shadows you apply the bottom out line with dark pencil and highlighted this. It blends nicely and it is a technique for small eye to look the bigger eye.

6)    Apply the liner

After highlights the bottom line you must apply the liner with a little slide of wing style. It seems to be like the bigger eye conceal with small eye.

7)    Mascara

making small eye bigger look tips (6)

Now this is the step for applying the mascara. You should apply the fake lashes on it and then apply the mascara to the curl up lashes.

8)    Lighten waterline

making small eye bigger look tips

After this it is very essential for applying the white highlighted pencil to lighten the waterline. Waterline white or shimmery highlights seem to be very deep & wide eye inside and it gives the bigger view eyes with makeup.

9)    Gives highlights

making small eye bigger look tips (7)

At the end you must apply the white gold or ivory shade for highlights the eye brows underline highlights.

10)    Apply eyebrow pencil for shape


Finally in the last step you apply the suitable matching eyebrow pencil to the eyebrow for giving the shape. It is a final touch for the tips of small eye makeup in a bigger look.

making small eye bigger look tips (2) making small eye bigger look tips (3)


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