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How to Remove Facial Hair Permanently at Home

1. how to remove facial hair permanently at home

Easy remedies for remove the hair

0. how to remove facial hair permanently at home

Everybody wants to look perfect because God has made us beautiful but He  has ordered us  to  grooming yourself because God  is beautiful and  like the beauty  so  if  any problems which we have to face in  our life then there are so many solution which are made for us to get rid of them  so here we are talking about the  facial hair which becomes the cause of our tension because it is fact that the girls are conscious about their beauty  and they want to see their  skin clean and fresh   because  hair on the facial  are only on those men’s faces who g with the beard style   the face of the girls look good with the clear and plain skin   so the girls who are  worried for the  unwanted facial  hair     then they have no need  to be confused because I have some remedies which are very easy and available at your home    which can remove your all unwanted hair   because home made things are good for face because the chemical  made things can more spoil your  skin so take your steps with us and see the easy way of  hair removal.

Easy way to remove the hair at home:

1. how to remove facial hair permanently at home

1.    First of all lemon  which is  full of    natural  qualities  so when we mix the water with lemon and the paste of the sugar then this texture  becomes a good scrub for our skin so  take a bowl and  pour  two table spoon   sugar  and 10 table spoon water  2 table spoon lemon juice and make a thick paste then  use this paste on the direction of the hairs and  leave this paste for 10 to 20 minute and then rinse off the  paste  and repeat this process 3 times in a week.
1+ how to remove facial hair permanently at home

2.     Eggs are full of nutrients it is good for health the thing which is good for health how it can be possible that it is not good for your face beauty  so for removing your facial hair you can use egg white  so take a bowl and  separate the egg white  and add one table spoon sugar with the half table spoon corn floor  and make smooth texture when it   mix up completely apply it on your face for 25 to 30 minute when it becomes dry then wash your face  and peel of the texture with soft hands then all your hair pull off repeat it 3 to 4 time in a weak.
2. how to remove facial hair permanently at home

3.    Potato and lentils are full of carbohydrates  potato  has a quality of natural bleach  but when it combines to the yellow lentils  then it effectively help to remove the unwanted hairs  for this way to get rid of  unwanted facial hair  take a potato and peel off and cut it in small cubes  and  dip the yellow lentil in the water all over the night and in the morning  waste the water of the lentil and  add the lentil in to the grinder with  the potato and lemon juice  and  rest this paste on your skin for 20 to  25 minutes  when it becomes dry then rubbing it  you will feel  your hair is removing.
3. how to remove facial hair permanently at home

4.    Turmeric is best thing to increasing your beauty and it is used for the grooming of the brides because the fragrance of the turmeric   and the benefits of this natural thing are good for the healthy skin. Turmeric  helps us for growing the hair but it can be used for remove the thin hair   if you have thin hair then you can use  take a bowl and  use the 1 or half table spoon of the turmeric  powder with water ,milk , and the rise water make a smooth  paste and apply it in the growing direction of the facial hair  and wait  till it became dry and then rinse off your face with the fresh water.
4. how to remove facial hair permanently at home

5.    Papaya is very good fruit it is good for the health and the face scrub which is made with papaya is   suitable for all type of skin even it works well for your sensitive skin because these enzymes which help to break the process of growing hair the enzymes are called pappin there is no danger for using the papaya because it is good if it gives no benefit for your face then there is no side effect of this thing. So you can use papaya with two things turmeric and papaya and the papaya with the aloe Vera because both are good for the skin. Take a bowl and cut the papaya in pieces and make a paste of oil and pour these paste in the bowl with the aloe Vera gel with the 1/4 table spoon gram floor and 2 drops of olive oil it becomes a good paste and apply it for 20 to 25 minute and use this way 2 time in a month.
5. how to remove facial hair permanently at home 5+ how to remove facial hair permanently at home


don’t go with the chemical mixed things because it  can cause the  more  hair growing  and  the dull and weak skin is not good  if it is clear souse the homemade things for your body  because it  stop  the hair growing and keep your skin healthy.


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