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How to Remove Eye Makeup with Homemade Products?

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DIY Eye Makeup Remover Ideas:

It is a fact that no lady can imagine to go into a party or at a wedding function as well as into market without makeup. Yes makeup has become very necessary for the ladies & girls. Some like to do dark makeup while simple ladies keep it light & some like to get a no makeup look with minimal makeup but they must done it. We also accept the fact that makeup always adds charm into a woman’s personality. It plays a vital role in order to beautify the facial features of a woman.

In makeup I think an eye is the main part where you can apply lots of products such as eyeshades, liner mascara & kajal etc. After applying makeup on eyes & enjoying the whole day, the next step is to remove the eye makeup before going on bed. So, how you should remove it? Well, there are different products that are available into the market for removing eye makeup. But these are very expensive & contains on harsh chemical that can damage your sensitive skin. So, what you should do? Make an eye makeup remover at home. Believe me these will be low cost plus effective & perfect for sensitive skin. Read the following homemade eye makeup remover ideas!

1)    Rose water is the most effective, cheapest & best eye makeup remover for every skin type. So, try this one. Dip the cotton pad in rose water & gently remove makeup.
2)    You can try olive oil. It is also best for removing makeup very gently. You can mix a little bit water in olive oil for better results. Then use a cotton pad for removing markup.
3)    Try to use baby oil & water.
4)    Some women use hair conditioner as makeup remover. So, you can try this one but in a little quantity.
5)    Make an eye makeup remover at home by using three ingredients witch hazel, water & olive oil or almond oil etc. Mix these well & use cotton pad to remove makeup.

Homemade Eye Makeup Remover


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Hopefully, these five tips will help you a lot. Try & let me know which one works better!


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