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How To Look Perfect In The Makeup On Your Engagement Day

classy Engagement bride makeup ideas (2)

Engagement day is the day of commitment  when you are going to connect  in a relationship  through  replacing your rings to each other .on the engagement day  when you will sit the very first time beside your fiancé then you should look very chic ,stylish and  graceful  don’t be adorn heavy and glittering dress rather you should look so sophisticate and the stylish in the  simple way.

The makeup is not too much over rather natural make up with beautiful dress will increase your charming look .mostly the brides do  many makeup on their faces with their full fancy dress  that look so odd and over  with the light make up you look so beautiful .

It is the wish of every girl that she look pretty on her special day  because the engagement and wedding day are not come again and again  so here I have some ideas to do good make up on your commitment day if your engagement is here then stay with us and  take ideas.

•    On your engagement first make your base and the foundation good then apply the other thing because if your base is in good style then you will be able to apply the other things on your face because it is compulsory for you to make the good base before making the base wash your face with icy water then your make up will remain for long time.
•    If your skin is oily then don’t use the foundation because it can damage your skin and too much oil will grease on your skin it will show your look bad  then apply the pan cake on your skin with the dry spunch  and the primer is best for making your look nice and attractive .
•    Concealer and compact powder is used for the contouring  because the fashion of countering is very much  without it make up is incomplete  so take the concealer and apply it on your nose both sided cheek bones , jawbones  and on the forehead bone  with the brush  absorb it .
•    When you have completed your base and foundation then use the eye shades that should be in the light color nude colors are best for you as just like peach , pink, brown and the beige color because on your engagement you should not ready like the wedding bridal .
•    The girls who have very fair color they can use the chocolate brown color eyeshade on their eyes  and who have not very fair color they can select the mustard and copper color with the thick eye liner and mascara.
•    When you have completed the eyeshades then apply the eyeliner if your face is  oily then don’t use the cake liner because it can melt  due to the sweating rather liquid eyeliner  is best for the oily skin  make the fish style  eyeliner , Egyptian eyes and many other pattern are good for applying the liner .
•    If you want to use the lenses on your engagement day then use the light colors as just like the honey, hazel, light grey color, brown and chocolate color shades are nice for the engagement day because you are looking lavish in the simplicity.
•    When you are using the eyeliner then  first see the eye shape and size because sometime very thick and wide liner spread on the eyes .when using the liner then apply the thick coat of the mascara on your lashes and if your lashes are very short then no need to use it because it look to much artificial .
•    In the end when you are applying the lipstick then use the matte lipstick but if your engagement is in the winter season then creamy gloss look best don’t go with the blush red because it show you that you are a wedding bridal apply the peach, light pink and the nude color lipstick if you are using the gloss then apply the tea pink color.
•    The girls who want to make the  shapes of their lips with outline then use the same color lipstick with outline otherwise your lips look so awkward  if you are using the lip pencil in the  pink color then apply the pink lipstick .on your engagement never do the Smokey make up because Smokey make up is dark otherwise dark shade is also good with nude lipsticks.
•    In the last do the blush on in the light colors peach color pink and the brown are also good but it  is dependent on your skin tone because  on your skin different colors suit.

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