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How to Get Fuller & Bigger Lips for Pouting Selfie?

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How I can make my Thin Lips Fuller & Bigger Step by Step Method?

Beautiful lips always add beauty into a woman’s personality. Now days, mostly ladies & girls are preferring fuller lips because they want to capture a very stunning selfie with pout. Yes, now days pouting style is getting lot of popularity. But it is also a fact that every woman & girl never has fuller lips. Some have thin lips while some have bigger. The advantage is for those who have bigger lips already but what will happen with thinner lips women & girls? Dear girls now you never need to worry about it because I am here with some very easy & effective tips for getting fuller lips. Some girls believes that the full lips can be obtainable only after the lip surgery but dear it’s not true because now by following some makeup tips as well as natural home remedies you can make your thin lips to look beautiful without painful & expensive surgery. Let’s take a look!

1- Drink Water & Use Lip Gloss:

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First & the most beneficial tips is to drink more & more water because it is a fact that dry lips looks thin but when water hydrate the surface of your lips then your lips will look fuller. On dry lips you can use lip balm it will makes your lips to look more visible, fuller & protect your lips from UV Rays.

2- Use Lip Plumers Products:

make my lips bigger fuller with step (1)

You can use different lip-plumping products that are available into the market & makes your lips to look bigger for some hours & if you need then apply again & re-plump your lips. You can make a lip plumper product at home by using cinnamon or ginger or mint or capsicum because all these products have the abilities to redden your lips & swell them & then your lips look fuller. But keep in mind don’t over use
It. When you feel your lips are looking fuller then you can apply lipstick.

3- Lip Plumping Exercise:

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You can try lip-plumping exercises such as when you brush your teeth then use brush on lip also because brushing exercise will stimulates blood circulation. You can try another lip puckering up exercise. In this exercise you need to make a shape of lips as you make when you give a kiss to someone as shown in picture. In this form of lip you need to make an “oooooooooooo” sound for about 7 to 10 seconds.
The next step is come back in original shape & now pulls your lips or mouth towards your ears & makes an “eeeeeeeeeee’ sound for about 7 to 10 seconds. Now repeat it about 4 to 5 times in a day, on daily basis.

4- Lip Plumping with Lipstick:

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Use a matching outline with lipstick (that you want to apply on lips). Outline your lips but don’t follow original lips outline. Go outside the boundaries & make lips outline in such a way that your thin lips give the impact of being fuller & bigger as shown into the picture now fill with lipstick & rock into the party with fuller lips & capture pouting selfies with friends.

5- Lips Plump Enhancer:

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You can use simply a lip plump enhancer that is available into the market. You can also shop online. It is available into different sizes & shapes & chooses one that goes best with your lip size & shape.

Hopefully, these tips will help you a lot in order to get bigger lips without surgery.


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