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How to be Mastered of Powdered Makeup Contours and Highlights

How To Create Perfect Contours And Highlights With Powdered Makeup (1)

Everyone in this world is not blessed with the perfect featured face beauty as most of actresses contain but now the world has progressed enough to introduce different ways through which any kind of problem can be resolved. Makeup is an art and there are short list f ladies who have command over this art. What about contouring and highlighting of face features? Definitely you love because these days the makeup with no contours and highlights is not the makeup at all.

I am sure you want to be expert in contouring just like Kim Kardashian or the other fame names; these are the true inspiration for all ladies to highlight your cheekbones in the most prominent way. But most of us use creams and foundations to complete the base of face, today I will tell you how to make powdered makeover with best contours and highlights. It sounds a little bit tough but not impossible as many makeup artists have made it easy through their makeover tutorials. To be completely contoured and highlighted, first you have to signify your prominent face shape and then work on it. The contouring step by step tutorials have made every lady commanded over the glam makeup that enhances the featuring beauty of face just like celebrities.

Now your day-out is not complete without having a fully contoured makeup, so you must have that skill to be ranked in the most beautiful ladies. As the face shape is necessary to know as is the skin tone has much importance in rectifying the base powder colors. Simply take the dark powder to contour and the light shade powder to highlight according to your skin tone. Powdered face contouring and highlighting is also best for the ladies who have oily skin issue and always create problem when they have foundation makeover. The powder makeup will not let the skin pour excess oil and keep the skin fresh for long time. Let’s take start to tell you about how you can make such powder makeover to contour and highlight the face in the best possible way.

Contouring and highlights with powder makeup:
•    First refresh your face and keep it equally toned giving the brushes of skin matched lose powder for best look complexion and to hide all the spots and blemishes.
•    Take a start with having dark lines on top of forehead, side chin lines, chick down areas and around the nose.
•    Contour it with sponge and let it be the part of skin clearly just like a pro, next step is to take the lighter tone contour powder to give splashes on the upside areas that you have recently contoured with dark tone powder.
•    When done properly, highlight the face with ivory, pink, skin or such lighter tone powders with brush. First, create lines with brush on all face and then blend it well.
•    Take a sleek brush and highlight the silver color to down area of eyes, bottom of forehead, nose tip and chin. This will create a glamorous look of girls.
•    Make sure all contouring and highlighting is blended rightly, any disaster of overdoing can ruin your face features badly.
•    Eye makeup option for before and after is just depend upon you if you are confident on your makeup skills then keep the work after contouring or highlighting otherwise eye makeup before making face base is right.

Don’t take the darker strokes of contours and highlights with powder, keep the use of powder at its appropriate level and enjoy your most glamorous look and also makeup just like pro.

How To Create Perfect Contours And Highlights With Powdered Makeup (1) How To Create Perfect Contours And Highlights With Powdered Makeup (2) How To Create Perfect Contours And Highlights With Powdered Makeup


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