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How to apply the false eyelashes in simple way



The modern age is  start and in the  speed of fashion no one want to remain behind from the others  because fashion is  the life of  many people and no one can deny that the makeup is the  important thing  for the  ladies because no girl can move in society without makeup .in the previous ages very few things were used for the beauty but now the makeup industry is developing day by day  so in the field of make up everything which you use for the grooming of your face is  very expensive in its starting and  with the passing of time it’s rate become slow many brands introduce their  items   but in the matter of face you should be  aware from these fake  things.

Make up  can change your overall look so if you want to  change your look with makeup then you should have the proper knowledge about the  makeup skills because  in the grooming when you are going to use things inside your  sensitive organs it can be caused some  side effect so  it is on your risk  means lens, laser surgery , Botox, false eyelashes etc are  used in the  internal side. So if you want to enhance your eyelashes big  than your actual lashes  then stay with us and  know the way of applying lashes in easy way.
•    Using a pencil and apply a sign with the pencil and eyeshade brushes in the center of your eyes and  draw a line in the  edge of the  lashes  means with the eyeliner pencil  draw a line just like the  eyeliner   because eyes are in  4 types  deep set eyes, downturned ,hooded eyes and the prominent eyes it is according to your eyes shape because lashes is that good which is according to your eye shape otherwise you look strange.
•    When you are going to applying the eyelashes first pick in your hand and lift it with the tweezers because if you lift   without it can be stick to your finger and can be   turned so lift with the tweezers if you are using the lashes on your skin then apply little bit oil on your lashes it help you to keep it on proper place but if you see the lashes are not applied on the correct place then remove it and keep it in the lash box again and wait for few minutes.
•    Next step is  scotch tape  which is compulsory for applying on the eyes because  due to the lashes  because due to the tape it will be set on its place  because tape stick is greasy  if your skin is more than  greasy than  avoid to use  the excess  of greasy and oily things on your forehead and eyes  and the eyelashes which do you want to use it again  then avoid to use the  makeup remover which is made up from the oily products  because oil can make these lashes hard when you keep it in the lash box again.
•    When you are using these lashes then trim it if it is larger than your eyes so cut it with the scissors and the tweezers because if you apply the large than your eyes it can spoil your overall beauty.
•    If it is rolled around your finger then start to keep it on your lash apply very few quantity of glue and then start to apply it on the lash bone and keep time to stick it and dry and then keep it equal with the scissors and do the thick coat of mascara it is an easy way to apply the fake lashes.


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