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How to Apply The Eyeliner in Correct Way


Make up is a compulsory thing for the girls because it makes the girls beauty  more and  give them a great look .In this modern age the girls  like to carry different dresses with the makeup without make up they can’t move  outside and in the society  because make up can change your overall look and one thing of makeup is must compulsory in the bags of all ladies  in the previous ages  one lipstick  was enough for whole  make up and  some like to use the kajal but now 101 things are come in the market  and I think the cosmetics business is rich  and developing day by day because their creams ,masks ,lipsticks, nail paints , and many other make up products are  used  by the ladies the ladies are  looking so nice  because their outer is very glowing and neat  but their inner is very bad they are hollow from morality and look like the porcelain jar  which is beautiful  from the outside but inner is full of dust. So here we are talking about the eyeliner which shows your eyes bigger and glamorous so for the liner applying you should follow us.

•    The liner applying is also a trick it is not easy to do by everyone because if you do your all make up neat and your eyeliner is not in right way applied by you in the neat form then   you have to need learn and practice it because the real thing in the makeup is your base and the eyes make up. The liner styles are different from the big eyes and for the short eyes the eye liner will be different because if you do it opposite to your eye then you look ridiculous.

•    First of all apply the talcum powder on your eyes because it keeps your eyes oil free and your eyes keep save from spreading the liner after applying the powder which shade do you want apply on your eyes and then liner if your eyes are short then you can go with the thick flick it can show your eyes bigger the girls who have big eyes they can make their eyes more glamorous with the Arabic and double flick liner.

•    When you are going to start  applying liner then  check your skin that is oily or dry  because if you use oily  liner on your eyes  then it can be spread  and on the dry skin  the liquid liner is best  oily eyes looks good in the  dry  and matte  liner give your eyes nice look and show bigger if your eyes are short .

•    Start to apply liner from the inner corner of your eyes and finish it at the corner of your eyes  if you want to apply liner under your eyes then apply little quantity of blush on there and then use it and start to apply under your eyes starting is very thin and the corner is something thick  now a  days the glitter liner is also very inn  so you can use that liner  then you have no need to use eye shade because these liner  are also in the colors  many young girls  use these liners .

•    In the liner there are many kinds which are applied by any ladies as just like cat eyes, double flick, glamorous, Egyptian eyes, Arabian, soft smoke, wine house etc this liner can use on your eyes but it is something difficult try to apply it from the inner corner and finish it at the end of your eyes.  If you don’t want too much blackness on your eyes then you can use the glitter eye liner under your eyes.

eye-liner graphic-eye how-to-apply-eyeliner-for-eye-shape how-to-draw-your-eyeliner-on-just-right-1 how-to-draw-your-eyeliner-on-just-right-2 how-to-make-eyes-look-bigger-with-eyeliner make-your-eyes-look-bigger-picture winged-eyeliner-look


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