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How I Can Make My Bigger & Wider Nose to Look Smaller & Thinner Without Surgery?

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Make Your Nose to Look Smaller & Thinner with Easy Makeup Steps:

Every woman has different facial features. Some looks beautiful & some are on average. Some have heart face shape; some have round while some have rectangular or oval. Similarly some have small eyes & some have large. In the way every woman has a different shape of nose. Some have large, some have small, some have thin, some have wider & so on. It is a fact that every woman desire to look beautiful & for this purpose she can do anything & she go to any extent. Now days mostly women (who can afford) are trying to get services of facial surgery for making their facial features more attractive & beautiful. In other words by using the technique of surgery they get rid from the unwanted facial flaws. But I think it is very costly & painful. Furthermore, if it is not done perfectly then it leaves long lasting effect & you cannot go back into the previous face. It shows permanent results. I think you should be contented on your God-gifted facial features & if you have some flaws on face then try to control these flaws by using makeup. When ladies have done make up on their faces, then they can hide all the flaws of their facial features. Today, I am going to tell about the nose contour. By using this makeup technique you can make your wider nose to look thinner or your bigger nose to look smaller. The step by method is illustrated below. Read carefully & try at home!

1)    First of you need to take into consideration your nose shape wider  all the way or bigger, wider at bottom, nose tip is wide etc
2)    You need some things such as foundation, contouring foundation, powder or bronzer, brushes or blending or sponge, highlighter etc.
3)    First of all apply foundation that is almost two shades darker than your original skin tone.
4)    Now countering should be done by using darker foundation. Apply it on parts of nose which you want to hide because it is darker in tone that’s why when it is applied on skin then it makes this area to look darker & less attention grabbing.
5)    If you have wide nose wide nose then apply contour foundation I the form of straight lines towards down each side of your nose.

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6)    Apply highlighter foundation into the center of your nose in the form of a straight line.
7)    Now blend the darker & lighter foundation with sponge to soften these straight lines.
8)    When you blend it well then lock it with power. You have done now.

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9)    For blending I think angled brush is best option.
10)    You can also use brown eye shadow in the form of straight lines towards down each side of your nose for contouring. But blending is the key to success.
11)    Overall, for contouring nose, the matt finish makeup is considered best.
12)    Don’t try to use ton of makeup on nose because it makes your nose to look bigger. Use less & make nose to look thinner.
13)    You can also highlight cheeks by using blush-on on cheek & divert the attention towards cheeks instead of nose. A good tip for hiding flawed nose.
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14)    Shimmery lipstick application on lips means you are drawing the attention of people towards your lips not towards your nose. So, try this tip also.
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15)    Hopefully, this article will be very informative for you.

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