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How I can do my Make-up only in 5 Minutes?

5 minute makeup to get pretty in a hurry (1)

Easy Steps to Do Makeup when you are in Hurry:

5 minute makeup to get pretty in a hurry

Behind the layers of makeup a woman is found who always want to conquer this world & its people with her unbeatable beauty. She wants to look graceful in crowd, individual in a party, stunning at night & of course a funky lady of the town. For the accomplishment of all these attributes, she of course likes to use makeup. So, in short words, I just want to tell you that in this extra fashion conscious age, makeup play a vital role in order to enhance the beauty of a lady & ladies are using makeup very wisely. You just need to learn basic techniques of makeup then of course you can do it flawlessly. Until, you have read lots of detailed articles on how to do makeup at home but I know all these articles draw light on lot of time consuming tips.  But most of the time, when ,ladies are getting ready for a party or event then they are in hurry due to limited duration of time so in this case they need only those tips of makeup that can help them to do makeup only in 5 minutes. Sometimes when moms are getting ready for party then little kids starts to cry loudly so they also need those ideas that can help them to get ready in 5 min only. Yes, dear we are living in a modern age where we need to perform each & every task very rapidly & flawlessly. Here, on this page, I am going to share some very easy & 5 minute makeup tips for you. Hopefully, you will love these tips. These are very easy. Let’s starts!
•    First of all & the most important step is to hide the uneven skin or blemishes of your face. For this purpose mostly layers are created by using primer, moisturizer, foundation & concealer etc. but when you are doing your makeup in a hurry then of course you need to avoid all this mess. You just need to apply a cream or a liquid foundation (just choose one) that can hide your blemishes, dark circles & uneven skin. Whenever you go for shopping or buying beauty products that you must search a cream or liquid base that can hide all imperfections of you face. Apply this cream or liquid in dotted form near dark circle, in spotty area of your face & uneven skin & then blend this beauty product with your skin. I think it will only take one & 1 plus half min.

•    The next important step is to highlight your eyebrow shape either by using an eyebrow pencil or mascara. Don’t over use. Just highlight your eyebrow shape in a best & natural way. First determine boundary of eyebrow shape & then fill it with gentle strokes. Highlighted eyebrow always l enhance your eye beauty. This step will take only 30 seconds.

•    Now move towards eye shadow application. When you are in hurry then don’t try to use two shadows because you have no time to blend these. Just use one & apply it carefully. Skip this step if you are never getting ready for a party. For casual get to gather skip eye showdown application. It can take total 1 min & 30 seconds.

•    Skin liner & only apply mascara. Use heavy mascara so that it can add instant heaviness into your lashes. It can take 30 seconds only (15 seconds for one eye & 15 second for other eye).

•    Now move towards blush on. Choose natural & light tone such as peachy blush on, pinkish or coral.

•    Now apply glossy lipstick. It can take less than 1 min. Now day’s glossy type lipstick is in fashion. Choose bright color lipstick if you are getting ready for a party or night functions while for day time lighter color of lipstick is best.

Hopefully, these easy 5 min makeup tips will help you a lot.


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