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Horror Make Up Ideas for The Halloween


Halloween is a  event which is celebrated on 31st  October  night in the Canada  and the  united states .children wear costumes and go for the people’s home for asking the candies and   then show them some tricks. On the Halloween party people are dressed up like ghost, witches or other scary things of the Halloween .for the Christians this eve is celebrated for all the hallows that they think that all the hallow people who are dead their soul will come on the earth at that night this night is also called reformation means revive and come back.

Here we are discussing the makeup of the Halloween which is totally different from the other make up   the Halloween party is just around the corner and the people are very excited for the dressing of that event  if you want to get the best costume prize then you should do the best Halloween make up  but you should be something creative because it is not too difficult  and it is not  matter  that  you are not expert in the Halloween make up you just see the makeup  that is perfect fir you on this October.

Purple one eye makeup:


On the eyes do the purple shimmery make up with the different shades and add the blue and purple jewels on your shaded eye and go with the simple dress if your dress is in orange color then purple eye makeup is nice choice you can apply the purple color same lipstick with it for the cool look  jewels can be use in the rhinestone and the gem stone because both are good for make your eye decorated and unique.

Red color skin mask:


If you are conscious about your skin then you can carry the skin mask and do it makeup in the Halloween way  like the red  paint  show the blood in the horrible scene  the  blood with the clots and the chain in your lips is  giving the look of  ghost  you can do it with the paints and  the  different make up products because it is so much tricky  all can be  frightened with this make up.

Snake style:


In the party you can do such make up in which snake is add because many people feel fear from the  biting of the snake  in the black make up when you add the snake it look so scary apply the white lenses  grab your eyeliner and the other paint on the face in the  snake skin type   apply the black lipstick in the snake style with it you can carry  snake style dress.

Caterpillar inspired:


On the Halloween party you can do the black color one eye make up with black paint and varnish your one eye with makeup and nose with the paint make the caterpillars and the red color fully bloody teeth on the one side of the face and this design can be make on the neck for the best Halloween look make the messy hairstyle with the horrified make up and the caterpillar embellished dress look very attractive for the others.

Witch style make up:


The girls who want to do make up for the Halloween party then you can make the witch style on your eyes with black paint make the rays on the eyes and under your eyes  with the black glittered lipstick thick  mascara and the liner which is used for the horror makeup is good for black make up  blue lense and the  rays decorated dress is  good for the Halloween party.


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