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Get the Beauty Looks with These Fit Makeup Ideas for Eid 2016



Hey beauties! Have you done all about this coming festival of Eid-ul-Azha? I m sure all girls have decided the Eid outfit and all other accessories but girls making yourself highly glamorous and to enhance the natural beauty to any festivity, makeover is must-have to glorify the appearance. We are today going to update your style sense by giving latest makeup techniques ideas that are best to do for Eid. In Pakistan because the summer is still in the air so keeping in mind the seasonal and occasional demands, I would like to state all makeup ideas.

Firstly, without wasting any time develop your habit of moisturizing and cleansing daily before Eid as the one week is still there in welcoming Eid. Giving attention and taking care of face before some days will give the highly fabulous result when you will do makeup on Eid as the moisturizing before makeup keeps its duration for long time. In summer, the main problem of girls regarding long lasting makeup is the sweating and oil on face which destroys the all glam looks, to overcome these issues, girls should have icing on face before applying makeup as it works in staying makeup on face for many hours. Makeup styling would be different for day and night parties on Eid simply keep the rule in mind that day makeup is all about subtleness and light contoured but for night functions you can try even glittery and dark tones too. Well, we have much more and to get these tips stay with us and keep on reading.

The first thing is about base, for this purpose you should try to have the foundation color right matched with skin that will fix problems of unsmooth skin and give you equal tone look. But don’t use too much coats of base that just appears as the artificiality of face, keep it light and smooth that is well settled on any skin. Always use oil free basecoat or foundations especially during summer festivities.
Nowadays contouring and highlighting trend of makeup is at its height so you must try these as well for Eid parties. Without contouring, your makeup has many flaws but contoured hued makeup will make it flawless. Enhance cheekbones and contour the nose, forehead, cheeks, and neck and chin side areas to give the face well maintained look.
I would like to recommend the neutral shade eye makeup on this Eid and try to avoid smoky eye makeup that gives harsh look even more when you are not expert in doing. Use light neutral shades and go with glamorous winged eyeliner according to your eye shape. Celebs always have neutral eye shadows when appeared in any formal festival. Give your eyes lure look by applying waterproof mascara for well enhanced lashes.
As far as the lipstick shades are concerned, it’s up to your dress colors. However there are certain lipstick shades that are on-go this year in which deep red, fuchsia, nude, coral peach, berry shades and the subtle color shades are included. Pink is ever green to try but for dark skin tone girls pink is not recommended but the lush shades are best for them. Similarly fair skin girls should go with light nude shades of lipstick.
One more thing is about eyebrow, it must be well trimmed on Eid with best shape and always give end with having pencil on eyebrow hairs. Mostly women do mistake of not applying pencil and it fades off the hair color of eyebrow that creates panic about all makeup. Pencil color should be the same shade of your own color.
A big no for glittery and Arabian eye makeup in my suggestions, this Eid demands the best subtle looks of girls not the overdone makeup appearance that will present you heavy looks lady.
Give the true shape to your lips with applying lipstick first and then reshape with brush. Matt lipstick trend is in its way however you can apply lip glosses too according to your choice and if it suits to your lips.
Last but not the least, keep everything perfect and pose glamorously managing your personal style statement.

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