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Full Face Makeup Step By Step

Step-By-Step Perfect Makeup Application ideas (7)

Importance of makeup and tips for doing step by step makeup:

Makeup is considered as essential part of every day for both men and women. Makeup has no doubt wide importance for people. it gives out illusion of having perfect skin meshed up with different colors on your face.

Its amazing to put different shades on eyes and lips to look beautiful and innovative. There are also makeup trends going in fashion world and it is cool that you can change your makeup with your outfit. We are going to discuss out some of step by step tips to do overall facial make in order to get flawless finish.

Step 1:

hide dark circles: apply concealer under your eyes to hide dark circles. Concealer should match out your face tone. One shade lighter than your skin is myth. If you choose one shade lighter, it would look like you were wearing goggles while getting tan.

Step 2:

switched toward base:  next step is to apply base. You can also use stick base instead of powder one to get more control on your face. Draw lines on your face and blend in out with blending brush. If you want to look little bit tan then go up with stick base 3 tone darker than your skin tone and contour your face with it.

Step 3:

add blush on to your cheeks: use cream blushes instead of powder one. Cream blushes can be settled more amazingly while giving jewie finish to your skin. This may also give hydrating effect to your cheeks as well.

Step 4:

apply shimmery eye base: now let’s move toward eyes. You have to apply shimmery eye base if you want to get that perfect flawless makeup look. go with sheer creamy eye shadows that goes from lash line to brow bone.

Step 5:

now you can use powder dark color shadow to give your eyes more depth.

Step 6:

now add some mascara to your lashes to add definition in your look.

Step 7:

last but not the least, add some colors to your lips. Make it natural and sheer.

Here are some of image makeup tutorials step by step for face and eye makeup. Just take a look.

Full face light makeup:

1 Step-By-Step Perfect Makeup Application ideas (1)

Full face makeup:

2 Step-By-Step Perfect Makeup Application ideas (2)

Bronze eye makeup look:

3 Step-By-Step Perfect Makeup Application ideas (3) Step-By-Step Perfect Makeup Application ideas (4) Step-By-Step Perfect Makeup Application ideas (5) Step-By-Step Perfect Makeup Application ideas (6) Step-By-Step Perfect Makeup Application ideas (7)



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