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Eye Makeup for Summer Season

3. eye makeup for summer season

Ideas to do eye makeup in summer

0. eye makeup for summer season

Summer season is such a  season which  is  consider not a good for the grooming and  beautifying because scorching sunlight, suffocation and sweat is seems everywhere .I don’t know who says that the dressing of summer is best but in my view and my choice is winter because in winter you can carry  everything with your   warm clothes. According to the season when dresses become changed  where the makeup trend  is also  changed  because for the winter  season we do bold and dark color but in summer we wear light and dim color because  dark color create the effect of hotness  whenever light color  give us cool  effects. In this trendy age no one can move without makeup because makeup   create a new look in your personality and in this summer when your mood   is not so good and you have the feeling of murder someone who is teasing you but the makeup is very compulsory also in the short temper .Here I have some eye makeup ideas for you which is best choice for you in this summer season.

Eyes make in different style:

0+ eye makeup for summer season

In the summer matte and shimmer colors are good but glitter and sparkling eye shadows are not good in summer because with the sweat on your face it look like   mixture of your foundation and eye shades. Some ladies have much fond of makeup they must give a touch of eyeshade in every weather so these who want to apply the make up in summer season they read or article.

For the trip and tour:

1. eye makeup for summer season

In the summer many ladies prefer to go on beaches and   seaside then these ladies can enjoy the swimming with this matte sea and ocean color makeup which look so nice with your swimming costume and off the shoulder dresses. With the sea color turquoise and peach is best for this season. You can apply the sea color on the lower part of your eye lid and then blend the turquoise color with light silver touch and you can peach color with this eye make up. If you want to go in the party with the sea and turquoise matte color then you can contrast it with the mustard brown, light pink and   matte golden colors  with peach lipstick if you want to apply lip shiner then nude  colors are best  for high lighting your eyes you  apply can double  flick eyeliner .

For the brides:

2. eye makeup for summer season

Brides who want to go with dark colors  for their  eye shade on their wedding so they should select light color  dress then the dark and bold eyeshades will go best  with your glossy  and matte lipstick .On the day of your wedding and in summer season the purple  ,light pink and  matte brown color is good but if you give your makeup highly bold touch  in this color then you can  use dark colors in the edges of your eyes it look something fancy and dark  and  for the bridal appearance you can apply dark shimmery  matte lipstick something dark to your eye shades . With the  sky blue and  purple combination you can use pink color lipstick and for  enhancing the  beauty of your eyes you can  classic bar or soft smoke style eye liner but glitter is not only black for your dark make up.

For the Funky:

3. eye makeup for summer season

Funky colors are the choice of these colors who want to go with colorful make up for their funky look they can apply dark color like blue, green and yellow with sharp mascara and for the eye corner you can apply light color lipstick with your bold eye makeup and don’t use the liner because it look odd but under your eyes you can apply light brown color eye pencil.

For the Party:

4. eye makeup for summer season

For the party make up you can    apply neon  smoky make up  with slick  black liner under your eyes and only skin color lip-gloss is best with this eye makeup but blush on is done well .Dark brown  color with smoky  with Arabic eye liner is good .Matte mustard  golden and pink color is  with a slick liner and  tea pink lipstick with  light touch of gloss increasing your face beauty and it is for the prom  girls.

For the street style:

5. eye makeup for summer season

Street style girls have always wanted something new then you can copper brown and golden   with light red color shade is good for the street style girl with mustard color lipstick in matte and dropped flick and soft smoke liner with thick layer of mascara and if you don’t use the eyeshades on your eyes then you can apply colorful eyeliner on your eyes like purple, blue, green and silver liner with nude lipsticks.

Fashion Tips:

Eyes makeup   is so much tricky work but if you have something command over it then you can do it best and for summer season you should go with light colors and don’t use oily and liquid base and before the makeup must use the sun block because without sun block your face will be spoil with the sunburn.


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