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Eye Make Up Ideas For The Natural Trendy look

how to Fashionable Natural Eye Makeup (10)

The makeup  is became the  need of the  ladies because they can’t live without the makeup  because t give you great look whether you are in the simple dress  but make up can give you semi formal and formal look .

Ladies can wear the simple dress but only lipstick can complete your look because it is made for the grooming of the ladies .God has made the ladies beautiful and He wants  to see them groomed  in  the bags of the ladies  lipstick , shiner , face powder are must available at every time .

For the ladies many make up products are introduced by the makeup brand very branded  make up is used by the lades that remain fresh   till 24 hours because ladies have to attend the different functions and some are in the day time and some in night time .

Some lades want to do make up but in the natural and trendy way because the  artificial look is not look too good  so if you want to do trendy and natural make up then stay with us and see the  makeup tips. Eye make is very tough for everyone because the shape of the eyes is not easy to make by everyone.

•    First of all wash your face with a god face wash and  clean your eyes with the tissue  paper and when it become dry use the cucumber on your eyes for cleansing your eyes  when all the dirt is finished from your eyes then  apply  the some talcum powder on your eyes it will keep your  eye makeup fresh for long time.

•    Now use the primer on your whole face then don’t forget your eyes because that can look so different from your face so apply the primer on your face.

•    Now the concealer on the overall face with eye and face powder for the fresh base because some skin are oily they can’t bear the base and the foundation  or face powder and the wet pan cake is best for them.

•    For the fresh look you can use the bronzer on your eyes  but the natural make up is only in the light shaded if your skin is very fair then peach , mustard and the baby pink eyeshades are the good it will give them unique look  and if you are something  dark complexion then the live, peach and the mustard shade is best for you.

•    Eye shades are not only n the matte shade rather it is in the  glittered ,shimmered or the  oily style you can use it according to the season now a days the shimmery make up is very common with the matte lipstick .

•    The girls who are going in the party they want to look like natural they can apply the brown color eye shade  with the light golden color and for highlighting you can use the glittered  pencil it look something trendy and apply the curvy style liner on your eyes.

•    On your  eyes apply the grey color eye shades and then highlight it with  the red color pencil because with the dark light red look amazing  with powdered eye makeup apply the glow in pink color.  In this make up you are looking hot  and natural look.

•    Golden color shimmered make up is best for the spring evening parties sparkling golden color eye shade and the upper is  high light with brown and the center f the eye s in the black  liner apply the inner In the Egyptian style  with this liner make your eyebrow in the same style  on the eye and lower the eye apply the liner with the peach lipstick in matte stuff.

•    On your eyes you can use the baby pink color light brown, mustard and the skin shade because all are light the young girls can apply the baby pink tea pink and orange shaded lipstick for the cool and trendy look if you are applying the blush red bloody lipstick then don’t use the dark colors on your eyes  apply nude color shades with the thick liner it will give you perfect look.

how to Fashionable Natural Eye Makeup (1) how to Fashionable Natural Eye Makeup (1) how to Fashionable Natural Eye Makeup (2) how to Fashionable Natural Eye Makeup (11)



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