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Easy Tips And Ideas To Choose Right Foundation For Your Skin Color And Skin Type


Foundation is considered as base of makeup. Everything looks flawless when you have perfect foundation. Once foundation is mismatched to your skin one or skin type, whole makeup which you have done is worthless as well.
There are certain tips for perfect foundation which we are going to discuss out for your ease. Just keep on viewing this post.

Your skin tone:

It is important to check color for your foundation that it matches to your skin tone or not. One person cannot stick to one foundation for years because skin tone changes. You may be tanned a bit in summer but can be pale in winters. Check your foundation while applying it on your cheek area and at day time with maximum lights.

Coverage of foundation:

Coverage of foundation also varied with time to time. You may not need high coverage when you are at your teenage but surely you will need high coverage when you exceed 30 or more.

Foundation for dry kin:

Dry skin can use oily base foundation and they can also stick to tinted moisturizers if they don’t need super full coverage. Tinted moisturizers may keep their skin hydrated all the time. Powder foundation of layering of powder at top will not be such a good idea.

Foundation for combination skin:

Combination skin people can go for water base foundation or also tinted moisturizers to make their skin dewy and glowy.

Foundation for oily skin people:

Oily skin people try to go for super matter foundation or powder foundation would be perfect for them as powder will stop excess oil and your foundation will not look cakey to make you look older.

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