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Different Ways To Do Make up For Evening Party

1. evening party makeup ideas to look smart

0. evening party makeup ideas to look smart

Make up is such an art which is not   easy to do   for everyone because in this art very   little mistakes are done by us and we are unaware of all these mistakes  so when we are doing  make up then keep in your mind for which function you are doing function because some people do their make up so   dark  and bold and they  are going in  the   party and some  people do the makeup so light they look like  simple in  the makeup  also  so there are some techniques of doing make up which we should  keep in our  mind and sometime  many expert makeup artist  do  such mistakes . So don’t be worries here I want to guide you for the good make up for your party look and you can look attractive and smart   in this make up. The tough thing is in your make up is  to make your base   and  make it same to your skin color and then eyeshades which is also  something  difficult  to blend on your eyes because everyone has different eyes shapes  so stay with us and see  the step by step  make up applying.

Foundation and base:

First of all wash your face with a good face wash don’t a soap because soap can snatch your all natural beauty    and if  the season is summer  then  wash your face with icy water because it can  you stay away  from the  sweat  and you look fresh  now it’s time to applying the  base  and foundation. Take some foundation in your hand and applying it on your face  and don’t use too much  base because it can look  over white now   match it with your skin  if your skin is oily then   don’t use  foundation  because it can show your skin more oily you can use the  pan cake .

Bronzer and concealer:

After making your  base then use  the  bronzer and  concealer to hide your all spots  and show  your nose  thin  apply the bronzer on your chin , cheeks bones and the nose and   concealer can hide your  dark circles  and give you a clear skin.

Eye shades:

1. evening party makeup ideas to look smart

For the night party use the dark and shimmery color but matte is also  nice and for the day time only matte  colors are best   and if you have short eyes then don’t  apply the eyeshades  till your eyebrows bones because it can show your eyes   more small  you can add two colors but it should    be blend it in  a good way neutral colors are good for the teen age girls but with the dark eyeshades lipstick is  well in nude colors.

Mascara and eyeliner:

2. evening party makeup ideas to look smart

When  you  have applied the eye shades then  use the  mascara  in your eye lashes if your  lashes are too short then  you can use the fake lashes for your smart  look  brown mascara is best instead of the black because it can change your overall look  and if you are doing dark color eye makeup then don’t use the glitter eyeliner because it can spoil your over all look  you should use the  black water proof eyeliner   and it is up to you can  apply it wide and sleek both  form it looks decent.

Blush on:

3. evening party makeup ideas to look smart
For the party  going  ladies blush on is compulsory because if you are going club or any pub  then   your  cheeks should  be sparkling in the lights  but blush on is very much trendy now a days it is applied in bold farm and  in many  colors it is inn peach ,pink, red ,brown and mustard etc  are applied by the ladies  you can use the shimmer also under your eyes and the nose it look so nice and elegant for the parties.

Lipstick and lip glow:

4. evening party makeup ideas to look smart
Now it’s time to giving the final touch to your make up  because in the last we apply the lipstick  and  the lip glow which should be applied very neatly  because some people make their lips shape wrong  don’t use different colors   outline with different  lipstick rather same colors are good if you are going to apply the pink lipstick then  apply the pink  lip pencil and then use lipstick it should be merge in a great way  and for the sparkling look add the lip glow on your lipstick and now you are looking  smart and enchanting .


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