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Different Guises to Adopt Through Make-up on Halloween


Halloween is the festival inspired by Christian beliefs and customs. It is special evening that comes before the Christian holy hallow’s day. People celebrate this evening with full enthusiasm. They dressed up themselves in different guises inspired by supernatural figures as in witches, vampires, ghosts and skeleton. Some people go to the graveyard to visit the grave of their dear one.

Some people go to see horror movies or carving pumpkin and lighting bonfire are some of the activities included in Halloween activities. Thus people happiness is on peak and where they are dresses in unique way their make-up should be as such in accordance to their outfit. Girls make their outlook like Halloween princess for which purpose they adopt ghost like appearance. Some ideas are discussed here about make-up that you can do on Halloween festival.

A princess with poisonous blood;


In this picture a princess is shown who is eating green apple making that poisonous too. Her make-up is very sharp and dark. Eye-brows are very much dramatic and first white color outline is given to them. Eye make-up is of green and black color in large quantity. Eye-lashes are bigger than the normal size. Final touch is given by dark maroon color lipstick. Messy tresses are very much complementing the make-up. The whole face is looking like a vamp face.

Make cobweb around the eyes;


This style of make-up is unique in its way. A web is weaved around the eyes through black color make up. First make a light sketch of the web and then make it dark through black outline. Black effect on cheeks and dark brown shiny lipstick is giving perfect effect of witch. Instead of leaving the hair open, make high bun at the back of head to have tremendous effect of an evil person.

A dangerous cat-like look;


This look is very nice for young age girls to look like a dangerous cat. This can be done very easily with simple technique. First make black color smoky dark eye make-up and brown outline around it in accordance with your eye shape. Beneath the eyes black color outline will also give very good effect. Then dark red shiny lipstick and black color lines as the cats do have make on your cheeks. Black color make-up on the top of the nose will give you a perfect cat like look.

Ice-queen in winter;


To make you ice queen in winter is a very good idea as it will match the season. White color make-up is needed here. White eye shimmer paint will be used here and within the shapes of the eyes make two webs upon the eyes that should give shiny effect. White color gloss will be suitable with this. Wearing tiara on head will give a queen like look and you can have a prominent appearance in the gathering through this get up.

A beautiful princess;


If you want to look a beautiful princess then make your make-up elegant and graceful. With a very light smoky eye make-up, dark color shiny lipstick and contoured cheeks you can have outstanding look suitable for Halloween. Keep a crown on head and have a princess like look with beautiful colored hairstyle.

A horrible witch look;


A girl with mature look can have this style and make-up. Here we can see a complete witch look that can be done with black color eye make-up that surrounds all over the eyes. Eye make-up is very important, in fact is the central of your whole make-up. It holds a great significance and contributes a lot to the whole make-up. Be careful while doing eye make-up. It should depict the theme behind it. To have a heathen witch like look, keep wavy tresses and have a dark color lipstick with black outline.


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