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Different Eyeliner Styles for Big eyes Girls

2. eyeliner styl  for girls

All of us like girls with big eyes in fact big eyes are real beauty of a girl that she can attract others from. It is said that the men mostly like big eyes of girls because if makeover is applied to big eyes it groom out in a dramatic way. That’s why girls I have come taking different style of eye liner that you can put to your loving eyes. But one thing that a girl should keep in her mind while applying eyeliner is every eyes have different shades so you should try those that suit you the most. Generally black eye liner is used by girls what kind of shape and type their eyes have. Some eyeliner are in gel some in liquid form and some in paste but depends upon the quality which company is offering prime quality eye liner. Because big eyes have no more effort to make them look bigger that’s why you should use black liner to exhaust the effect of looking greater. There are various styles that make up stylists suggest to girls with big eyes but I have collected some trendy one that will help you taking idea no matter you are going to party or for casual use you can make it in any way. Let’s grab some ideas of making these eye liners that would surely change your look.

1.    Simple thin line eye liner for big eyes

1. eyeliner styl  for girls
2.    model eye makeup with Arabian eye liner

2. eyeliner styl  for girls

3.    double winged effect eye liner

3. eyeliner styl  for girls

4.    winged cat eyes eye liner for girls

4. eyeliner styl  for girls

5.    basic blended eyeliner with smoky eyes

5. eyeliner styl  for girls

6.    double extended winged liner with embellished rhinestones

6. eyeliner styl  for girls

7.    Egyptian black eye liner with silver lining

7. eyeliner styl  for girls

8.    The best eye liner for big size eyes

8. eyeliner styl  for girls

9.    Extended wing dark black eyeliner

9. eyeliner styl  for girls

10.    Dramatic model eye liner

10. eyeliner styl  for girls

11.    Basic liner for big eyes

11. eyeliner styl  for girls

12.    A tint of eye liner to enhance up the shape

12. eyeliner styl  for girls


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