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Best Makeup Tips & Ideas For Hot Weather To Look Fresh

best ever tips to look fresh with your makeup (12)

Makeup plays an important role to enhance the beauty of a female and a lady never goes outside of the house before doing makeup.

Summer is the hottest and scorch season and it is difficult to wear makeup in this hot season. Stay tuned with this post because we are giving you some makeup tips and ideas to make your look fresh during the hot day.

First of all you need to moisturize your skin and for this apply an oil free moisturizer in the morning. Prep your skin for makeup and start with applying a good primer, primer is definitely the way to go in summers because a primer does not feel at all like a heavy, additional layer and it really helps hold makeup in place. Its remarkable ability diminishes the open pores and fine line also.

Then start with the proper base and the right shade of foundation match to your skin and opt for an oil-free foundation for match. If you want to keep your makeup away from creasing and cracking, the best way is to wear less of it.

Avoid cream foundations and anything too luminous as the humidity will make you extra shiny and sweaty looking. So you should opt for matt formula in a neutral palette to keep the gloss at bay and to look fresh in summers.

To create a fresh summer look you can try a sheer foundation with a dewy finish and a glossy lip color. You can mix oil-free moisturizer with foundation for a softer and sheer appearance.

To give your eye shadows staying power and to make them long lasting, never use eye creams on your eye lids because it break downs makeup. Apply eye primer to and then apply eye shadow.

Blush adds balance and beauty to any look; avoid using powdery blush during summers. Use gel or blush stain and then blend a touch of cream blush over it. While using mascara and eye-liner you must go with waterproof formulas for summer season.

In the high temperature most of the eye liners end up either running or smudging but water proof formulas never run, smear or smudge.

When it comes to the lip color, you should go with light and soft colors but if you want glamorous look, opt for truly red lips and feathered lashes. For natural or n makeup look you can go with light pink, nude, light brown lip colors etc.

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