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Best Bay to Apply Step by Step Makeup Like a Professional

how to apply makeup step by step like a professional (9)

how to apply makeup step by step like a professional (9)

Well writing about this article I remember how crazy I was for makeup in my childhood and always got ready to take services of my aunt and mom to apply a lot of makeup on my face loll. But really it was awesome moment to put myself into the fantasy of makeup world. Now I am expert in makeup practicing too much and my mom and aunt take services of mine. Today I will tell you how to do makeup like a professional. But one thing that I must clear that makeup is an art that’s why you have to make practice by applying in free time and experiencing what really suits you and not which look is perfect and which is not. Bacon said “Practice makes a man perfect” so get ready to practice and one day you would be able to have ability of applying like a professional. If you are new in the cosmetic world and definitely worried about but don’t worry my tips will help you. Let’s start step by step.
Clean your face with a good cleanser

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First to apply makeup you must clean out your face with a cleanser so that if you had a makeup last night it will resolve completely and germs and skin also rinse out of your skin. A worst mistake mostly women do, not clean out makeup at night and go to sleep. This is not right way as it damages the skin and creates many problems.
Apply ice to face
For long lasting makeup if you take piece of ice and apply in round movements then it would be helpful for skin pours and day long makeup too.
Concealer and foundation
Concealer is used for blemishes, red areas and spots on skin so put some concealer on problem areas so that your skin has even tone. All the work does with your finger tips and blends it softly. Next turn is of foundation, for foundation you have to be choosy and selective as it is the matter of skin. Mostly makeups artists suggest always take foundation matched to the ski8n tone not more than dark and light. Check it to jaw line it will tell the real skin tone. Apply foundation to face and blend it until you have equal complexion.
Face powder

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This step is optional because base powder is applied to make bas more subtle. If you have oily skin then have a small coat of powder applying with fluffy brush and keep on blending until you get bored. This is the rule of having good base. Set it all and evaluate your face if more concealer is required for problem areas then do it carefully.
Contour the nose and cheek bones

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This is the most important step in makeover. For nose contouring use dark shade on the both sides of nose with the help of fingers because you are not perfect in makeup that you can use brush to contour. Light golden shade on the top area will helpful in sleeking nose with a good shape. As far as cheekbones are concerned always use shade dark than your skin color and enhance it.
Blush on

how to apply makeup step by step like a professional
The color of blush on is optional what kind of complexion you have. According to your skin color take blush on color and put it on apple areas of cheeks. If you use cream blush on then it is best to blend and for a natural look.
Eye shade

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Highlight your eyes with silver shade because this would be helpful in maintaining of eye makeup. Put highlighter underneath of brows too. Now take a natural color shade like brown to apply on eyes and blend it with brush. Take care of not going at excessive parts.

To have only a natural shape use eyeliner pencil and start it from the inner part of the eyes to outer part. It is also up to you what kind of product you use. I prefer paste liner for my bulging eyes. But for earlier makeup you should use pencil applying on roots of the lashes and the lower part of the eyes too to shape the eyes in natural way.

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how to apply makeup step by step like a professional (5)
Before putting mascara to eyes if you curl the eyes with a curler then it would be easy to apply mascara in a normal quantity. Avoid taking too much coats of mascara always have two to three coats but not more than it as it would vanish the beauty of lashes. Don’t use fake lashes because it will create a fake look so try to be natural.
Clean the lips with balm

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Before applying lipstick put balm to lips and clean it with tissue paper. In this way all the dead skin of lips will be removed.

Take a lip pencil with desired color and go with the natural lip line by completing it on all the lips. Now apply gloss and start blending it from bottom to the corners to make natural shape.

Now the step by step makeup is ready I hope you will try it home and will have perfection by practicing most of the time. But keep one more thing in mind that there is a huge difference between a day and night makeup as day makeup is natural and light no bold definitions while you can go with bold makeup at night. According to this sense you would become a professional of makeup.



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