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Beautiful Girls Pink Makeup Ideas for Parties


At some party occasion you do not need to go with heavy make-up and ornaments. For this occasion women choose a light but stylish dress keeping the demand of the function in mind. And it became difficult for them to do pink make as some questions sprang through their mind as which color of eye-shades should they apply? How should be the brush on? And what color of lipstick should be used? Pink color is all time favorite and we cannot confine this color to young girls and teenagers rather women can also wear this color for natural and innocence look. In every season this color make-up looks suitable and awesome.

You can combine pink color with silver color eye-shades putting brown outline and giving the eyes a proper shape. The eyelashes thus enhance the charm of the whole eye make-up. Then light pink color lipstick and brush on will give you a very charming look. Do not think it too easy task of doing pink color make it also required a great art technique if you want modish and pretty look.

Pink color does have a great range and you can choose any shade suitable to your attire. By mixing white and red colors you can have pretty pink color shade. Hot pink color also looks gorgeous on women. The combination of pink and white color gives cuteness and innocence. And if you combine pink color with black then you can have seductive look. Pink color in any shade looks elegant and pleasing to the eyes. The smoky make-up by mingling pink color with silver glitter makes your eyes prominent and larger than the real size. The name pink is based upon flower name thus this color is associated with freshness and brightness. And this color exude fresh look.

In any season pink color is very good option for women when they feel confuse what to do with their face according to their dress. The color of dress is also very important so be careful while you choose the shades of color for eyes in accordance to your dress.  If you want heavy eye make-up then don’t put lipstick of dark shade. Then select some light shade in pink and if you choose dark shade lipstick then make your eye shades dark. The color should go with your skin tone and make up should be according to your features .For dark complexion light color of lipstick is not appropriate. Do not make it too artificial as it will spoil your natural look and will mess up your face features.

If you have dark complexion then choose hot pink color eye-shades with black outline and hot pink color lipstick. In summer season you need to have light make-up because of heat and hot temperature. In winter you may apply dark color shades for night parties. In western countries, ladies even for wedding prefer simple pink make-up but in Asian countries the trend and fashion for wedding and parties is totally different. Here girls and women use pink color only for some party functions. And pink color definitely brings stunning and attractive look to the women at party functions.



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