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Are you Making these Major Makeup Mistakes?

5. Are you making these major makeup mistakes

Build your own early morning routine

0. Are you making these major makeup mistakes

Are you making these major makeup mistakes?Build your own early morning routine
The makeup is  a compulsory  thing for   the ladies because when they go outside  they keep  must ant thing of make up in their bags  because all people are very conscious about their beauty but when  we  talk about girls they are extremely very conscious about   their beauty   so the makeup which make your appearance good      then you should  learn some rules which  can be harmful and bad effect on your beauty   we all are not well aware of these mistakes but we   do these mistakes means we are ignoring our mistake  and if the work  which  has some mistake not good  we should finish our mistake  and  add  some perfection in our hand because without it  you can’t be look nice and beautiful,  there are seven mistakes  which are done by you  at the time of   doing make up  so if you do your make up  by yourselves then come  with us and  point out your mistakes  which you have done in the mistakes.

1.    First of all  your make up accessory should be neat and  clean because  with the old sponge the pimples and  break out can be caused due  to the  dirt and germs because  your sponge becomes dehydrated  many  proffesionalists keep a cup of water near them because they dip their sponge in the water and apply the  face powder on the  other’s faces’  wash your  sponges with the anti bacterial spray  because it can help you to save your skin from the   pimples and scratches.

2.     Apply the shade of concealer and foundation shade opposite to   your body color  because all people have different color of  skin  so if you  have something dark complexion then don’t go with the very light nude color foundation.


1. Are you making these major makeup mistakes

3.     We use the foundation and  the primer on our dry face its wrong rather we should   moisturize our face  and cleansing all the dust  then your face will be able to  live with makeup.

2. Are you making these major makeup mistakes


4.    Don’t use dark color eye shades because these shades suit to some persons  and it is good for us that we go with light colors like brown,peach,skin and the  copper colors. It is our big   mistake when we use dark colors eyeshade with the glittering eyeliner  because your eyes look so odd so it is better to use light colors with black eyeliner.


5.    The wrong way of applying  blush on makes your make up dull  so you should  high light your cheeks bone  and   eyebrows  and apply it in light color don’t go with green ,purple  something like colors  but shimmer and   bronzer  are good it give you sun kissed glow and outstanding look to your tan color.


4. Are you making these major makeup mistakes

6.    We use the red color pencil on the brown lipstick and the purple lip pencil with the   orange lipstick it is wrong because we should apply same color pencil and don’t  leave a line of lips  rather you should blend it accurately  it seems your  small lips  bigger than that and don’t apply it on the center of your lips rather start to apply it from your  corner of lips and  center of your lips.

5. Are you making these major makeup mistakes


these are some real mistakes which are done by us  but we ignore  and  never pay attention on these little mistake but when we  go outside and people see us in these  mistakes they  make us  fun and  laugh on our makeup.


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