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Application of Eyeliner in Different Unique & Flattering Styles

egyptian eyeliner

Various Ways of Applying Eyeliner:

Eyeliners always help a lady or girl in order to beautify her eye. We also know the fact that some women have large eyes while some have small. So, I think before the application of liner every lady should keep her eye size & shape into the mind & use an eyeliner shape that is suitable for her eyes. For this purpose she can consult from a beauty expert or she can apply different styles of eyeliner on her eyes, now one by one see into the mirror & choose one or more styles that suits on her face best. Today, I am going to showcase a long list of different styles of wearing eyeliner. Each style is different from the other. The prior steps are wash your face, dry water from face with towel, apply moisturizer on face. Now use concealer & fill the spots if any on skin. Use eye primer. If you never want to apply a dark or colorful eye shadow on eyes then I suggest you to must use neutral eye shadow. You can apply thin liner, thick liner, cat style, winged style, on upper lash line, on lower lash line, you can starts the liner application either from the outer or inner corner of upper lash line. Place your pinky finger on your cheek very gently & hold eyeliner brush in between your thumb & index finger. Now apply carefully. Fist create outline & then fill it. You can use black eyeliner, shimmer & colorful as well. Take a look at the following pictures & get ideas about how you can wear eyeliner in different ways!

Arabian Eyeliner Style:

arabian eyeliner
Artistic Eyeliner:

artistic eyeliner
Bold Eyeliner:

bold eyeliner
Classic Bar Eyeliner Idea:

classic bar eyeliner
Cat Style Eyeliner:

different ways to wear eyeliner cat
Colorful & Shimmer Eyeliner:

different ways to wear eyeliner colorful
Double Flick or Double Winged Eyeliner Application:

different ways to wear eyeliner double winged double flick
Winged Eyeliner:

different ways to wear eyeliner winged
Double Eyeliner:

double eyeliner
Dramatic Eyeliner:

dramatic smudeg eyeliner
Egyptian Eyeliner:

egyptian eyeliner
Exciting & Flattering Eyeliner:

exciting eyeliner
Feline Eyeliner:

feline eyeliner
Kate Eyeliner:

kate eyteliner
Lady Gaga Eyeliner:

lady gaga eyeliner style
Smudged Eyeliner:

smudged eyeliner
Thick Eyeliner:

thick eyeliner
Thin & Simple Eyeliner:

thin eyeliner


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