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5 Perfect Tricks About How to Apply Mascara

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Mascara for eye beauty:

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Eyes are excellent expression of heart and personality. It is said that eyes have the own language which is much more powerful than the verbal language. Eyes must be compact and lucid to express your hearty vocabulary like an orator. Definitely you have the idea that you can create different expression from eye makeup. You can make your eye more dramatic, comprehensive and full of proficiency from different kinds of eye makeup tools. Among those makeup tools which enhance the gorgeous elegance of eye beauty, mascara is prominent one.

Mascara is essential part of eye makeup rather it is one of most significant step of eye makeup to produce exact dramatic elegance. Right application of mascara produces exclusive elegance while wrong application can diminish the eye’s beauty. Few ladies know the professional art of mascara application. If you are interested in knowing that art to apply right mascara at your lashes then stay with us here we are sharing top 5 steps which will  end I accurately right application of mascara. Through these easy steps you will learn the art f mascara application immaculately. Be ready to make your eyes compact and full of meaning by applying lucid mascara at your lashes. Let’s discuss these perfectly awesome tricks which are perfect to apply right mascara at your lashes.

•    For different size of eyes, there are different kinds of mascara wand. For monolids eyes, small size of wand is best and easily available in market and Select appropriate mascara according to the size of your size so that you can easily apply mascara at all parts of your lashes perfectly.
•    To add volume into your lash before application of mascara, curl your ashes. Be careful in setting of curler and start from root of lashes, press the curler for 10 seconds and move the curler towards the end of lashes. If you want to repeat this step then go on. Second step is optional but it will make your eyes more open, dense and longer looking lashes.
•    To apply mascara with more competence, start from the base of your lashes in zig zag movement and cover the whole lash from left to right. Instead of up and down, go from left to right by making a smooth and lucid wing. It will bring maximum impact into your eye’s beauty and you will get terrific grace of dramatic eyes.
•    Use your mascara brush as wipe to remove all clumps which make their existence during mascara application. Remove even tiny spots of clumps which produced very unpractical and artificial expression.
•    Don’t think that you can get expression of right application by applying 2 to 3 coats in one time. To find excellent grace, use mascara in phases and don’t let it to deal it with whole day after a morning application. Whenever you find time, refresh your mascaras and apply little amount of it in every application.

Professional tip:

to find feathery and condensed look of lashes use eyelash comb and brush the top of lash after every mascara application.


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