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Important but Tricks of Make up for Teenage Girls

use to eyeliner  for teen

Basic Make up Guide for Teenagers:

use to eyeliner  for teen

Teenage is a time period when girls are passing from a growth period. It is a period when your height starts to grow at a fast rate, it is a time period when you start to look young, it is a time period when you lots of physical changes occurs in your body. Due to changes sometimes pimples & acne starts to become visible on your face. It is a natural process & every teenage girl faces it. So, you should never afraid from these pimples & acne. Don’t use heavy type of medicines for it because as you pass from this period then ultimately your skin problems will be started to solve out. Today, on this page, I am going to tell some very basic but important make up tricks for teenage girls. I am sure that after reading this article you will be able to prepare your skin for makeup & you will be able to done a natural make up. Let’s starts!

•    First of all dear girls, you need to understand what type of skin you have? Do you have oily skin, dry or combination? Then you need to buy make up products as well as skin products by keeping your skin type into your mind.
•    Secondly, teenage is a time period when you need to take care a lot of your skin. Wash your face twice in a day. Firstly, in the early morning & second when you come home after school, or college so that you can remove all kind of dirt & dust from your face.
•    After washing face you need to moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer. The oily skin girls need a less oily moisturizer while girls with dry skin need a moisturize that can help to make dry skin soft. Moisturizing actually helps you to prevent the aging signs as you become older.
•    Don’t forget to apply a suitable SPF (Sun Protection Foundation) on your skin or naked parts of your body when you go outside. So that, you can protect your skin from sun tan & UV rays damage.
•    Fourthly, when it comes to make up then teenage girls only need to apply concealer at first because it will help you to hide acne signs, blemishes, dark circles & spots (if any on your face).

amazing makeup base  for all face
•    Mostly, it is observed that teenage girls are also using foundation on their skin. This actually makes their skin to look cakey & heavier. So, I think teenagers should avoid the use of foundation. Concealer is enough.
•    After applying concealer, dust face powder on face but in a very little quantity. So that you can seal your face base.
•    When it comes to eye makeup then keeps it always very light. When you are getting ready for a party then the use of eye shades is justifiable while in casual days I think teenage girls should avoid the eyes shades. Blending is key to success to get a flawless eye makeup. In casual days girls can go only with liner & mascara.

best eyes makeup  for teen
•    Always use the water proof mascara & liner. It not only long last but also never makes your eyes to look like a ghost.

cat eyeliner  on your eye decent application mascara  with step
•    Keep the blush on simple & natural. Don’t use yellowish, cake tones. Go with pinkish &n peach tones.

tips blusher method
•    Now move towards the application of lipstick. Apply natural colors. Whatever color you are applying on lips. In the last teenage girls should apply lip gloss on the lipstick so that their lips look fresh & shinny. If you are getting ready for casually then only lip gloss is enough & avoid the lipstick.


how to apply lipstick step by step shiny pink  lipstick
You need some attitude. Become a bold & confident. Try different trends but by keeping your age factor into the mind. Hopefully, these tips will help you a lot.


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