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Women Face Issue When She Earn More Than Men


Recent figures from a large-scale government study show that almost half of us now earn as much or more than our husbands and partners. After knowing the situation the questions arises are

How do they and their men feel about their new status?

And are they shining role models for a new generation or a recipe for relationship disaster?



Working men are usually given unfair advantage in comparison to the working women. In this male dominating society, men are given more jobs and opportunities tem women. Basically women are given lesser opportunities for quality opportunities for job which in turn results in lack of knowledge regarding technological advancement.



Successful men are often happy to marry a woman who will be less ambitious, successful women tend to marry men who are their economic equals. And as more women out-earn men, both can struggle to find a sense of identity.



The most recent unemployment figures reveal that the number of men losing their jobs has increased by almost 50 per cent because traditionally ‘male’ sectors such as construction, finance and manufacturing have been the hardest hit, especially in the North of England. It’s an economic situation that puts many women under pressure to keep earning, whether it’s their choice or not.


A recent study found that only 28 per cent of the population thought marriages suffered if a woman was the breadwinner, compared with 40 per cent in 1997. Couples are now less likely to divorce if the wife is better educated than her husband, or equally educated.


A survey by Time magazine revealed that 90 per cent of husbands who earned less than their wives reported “happy” marriages, compared with 75 per cent of breadwinner men; 56 per cent claimed they had “good” sex lives, compared with 44 per cent of higher-earning males.




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