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Things You Can do Every Day to Add Years to Your Life



It is natural to have a wish of spending a long as your grandparents and parents live. It is above board that genetics have impact on the biological life of human beings but another fact is, you have more control on your life. When you reach 55 years, only 30% of how quickly you age is based on your genes, as compared to 50% when you’re younger. Rest is decided by your ways of living.

For adding more healthy years to your life, you need to adopt healthy life choices. Here is a list of some more important habits which help you in estimating how much longer you may extend your life. Have a look!

Have a positive attitude

The first and foremost thing which contributes in living a healthier and longer life is a positive attitude towards life. It has been shown by the researches that people who had positive outlook on life and spent a life full of optimism and laughter, lived longer as compared to those who spent it in dismay and sadness.
If you can’t do anything, then just try to laugh more often. Watch comedy shows, silly videos and spend time with people who keep you happy and make you laugh.

Get a pet

A pet which may a dog or a cat and so on may help you in living a long life. It is believed by the researchers that it keeps a person physically active to have a pet and more physically activity brigs less exposure to diseases, especially related to heart.
It is recommended to have daily physical activity of about 150 minutes walk a week and people with pert generally walk with them and more healthy and more likely to live longer.

Have more sex

This is probably the more pleasurable way to add years to your life. It is suggested by several studies that there is direct relationship in orgasms and long life. It has been show by studies that men who had more orgasms were less likely to die due to heart disease. It has not yet been proved that what are the causes and effects behind it but it is proved that it elongates your life.sex is an opportunity to work out nearly every muscle in the body and connect with another person.

Get social

Spending time with people either they are your family members, friends or relatives, helps you in living longer. It provides you a chance to grow together. It has been shown by an analysis that there is a close and clear connection between socializing and lifespan. those who have more social relations are more likely to spend a longer life as compared to those with weaker relationships with others.

Floss your teeth daily

Another healthy activity you should add in to your daily routine is flossing your teeth after each meal as it is very important to eliminate the food which is trapped between your teeth and produces germs. Periodontal disease from lack of flossing can trigger low-grade inflammation, which increases the risk of early heart attack and stroke. It has been strongly recommended to floss your teeth at least once a day.

Eat more nuts

Nuts are very healthful and play an important role in adding years to your life. They are helpful, however you eat the like snacks, or by sprinkling on your salad or by stirring into your yogurt etc. they reduce the death risk by keeping your body internally clean and providing you with lots of essential nutrients which are required by your body. They are high in intoxicants and nutrients.

Find a purpose of life

A purposeless life is entirely useless. Find some purpose and make strategies to gain you goal. It will help you in living longer to make a difference. People with a sense of purpose in their life focus on the positive impact you are making at work or at home instead of getting caught up with every little detail being perfect.


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