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Positive & Negative Ways to Tackle with Anxiety & Stress

Why Depression in Life?

We are observing that as the world is progressing gradually, similarly the worries, fears & uncertainties of human beings are also increasing day-by-day. Have you ever tried to think why it happens? Well, I think everyone desires to get best, people valued their dreams a lot & they expect lots of things from others but the troubles & hurdles in the way of success, brittle fact of dreams & when others let down their expectations then all this ultimately leads them towards stress & anxiety. I think if we try to be contented on what we have then there will be no worries in our life & we feel happy & satisfied but it is a well-known fact that the wishes of human beings are endless & unexplorable. Consequently, depression & stress has become an important part of our lives & every person who is indulging in this phenomenon usually in search of such ways that can help him to deal with this hectic situation because if you never deal with it then it may cause health issues & reduce the quality of your life.

1 aneixty solution

What is Depression, Signs & Causes?

We can define Depression as a feeling of intense hopelessness & sadness. Signs of stress may include fastness of heart beat, sweating on hands, face & head or feeling cold, feeling pain & so on. There are various reasons of stress that can vary in every person’s life from time to time. Some may be worried due to Hitler style boss in office that is usually called stress at work; exams stress, some may be worried due to less income, physical problems such less height, dark complexion, some have marriage related worries, disputes related tension, failure related stress & so on.

How to Deal with Stress at Home?

Every one try to deal with stress by following their own ways but sometimes they follow wrong ways that further creates mental & physical problems for them. So, it is suggested to you to cope with stress by following the constructive & best ways that I am going to narrate here. Along with these positive ways I would also like to highlight those unconstructive ways that people frequently try to adopt & these ways do nothing instead of diminishing their health & thinking ability. Due to stress you can make lots of blenders in your daily life. So, for avoiding these blenders, you should cure anxiety as soon as possible, let’s starts

1-The first worst way that people commonly adopt:

Negative Way: People try to deal with the stress by following most worst way that is by drinking alcohol, by taking sleeping pills & by smoking. We know that these things make a person to feel faint & in this way he/she forget the worries of life for some time but he comeback into his senses then he again feel stress. So, it’s not a permanent solution. Furthermore, over smoking or drinking can be dangerous for life.
2 negative way to reduce stress

What’s the right way?

Positive Way: You should be in your senses if you actually want to solve the problem. Eat healthy & balanced diet because a healthy mind is always in a healthy body. Think carefully what triggers stress? Then try to solve the problem if you can. Take sleep that you need naturally don’t hibernate yourself.
3 positive way to reduce stress

Go in fresh air so that you can find the solution of stress with a fresh mind. Natural light especially sun light ultimately freshens up your mood. You can refresh the mind by listing music, by exercising or by doing an art project. During these activities try to keep the stress at one side & when you feel fresh then once again think about solution. You can also take a bath for freshen up both your body & mind.

2-The second worst way that people consider justifiable:

Negative Way: Isolation, people who are in tension usually try to keep them isolate. They cut off themselves from their friends. They like to sit in dim places where no one can watch them. They reduce talking from other & sit quiet.
4 wrost way to deal stress isolation

Then what will be the right way?

Positive Way: Try to talk with friends who are sincere with you.

Friends Socializing at Cafe

Discussion always solve the problem, so talk about the main reason of stress & find it’s solution. Spend time with pets because it leaves a good impact on your isolated mind. Give words to your thoughts in front of pets because in this way you feel light-hearted. This will increase your ability to deal with anxiety.

3-Negative Way: A tensed person starts to think on negative lines. It only intensifies stress. This loop of pessimistic thoughts never ends & makes a situation worse.
6 positive thinking for reducing stress

Positive Way: Think positively. Find the possible ways that can solve the problem. Get inspiration from the people around you who face lot of hurdles in life but now they are they are spending a happy life. I am sure it’s only their courage, optimistic thinking & determination power that lead them towards pleasure from stress. Go in library read books & get ideas.

4-Negative Way:

Mostly people avoid facing the problem. In this way they are just dragging the stress & making the situation worse.
Positive Way: Face the fear until it gone away. Be real towards the life. Face the realities of life. Problems are part of life. Welcome it like a challenge & solve it smartly. Think, life is a game, if you want to win this game then you have to pass the different stages of this game that involves hurdles & you should face these hurdles with bravery. When you pass first stage of game then you enjoy your success. Similarly, solve problems & enjoy your success.

5: Negative Way: When people are tensed then they usually keep themselves far away from their religion that is a totally wrong attitude.
7 be religious & reduce stres

Positive Way: A person’s religion is a very important factor in his life. When he is close to his religion then he feels quite satisfied. So, I think for reducing stress, you should be a little bit religious & spiritual. Read holy books. Try yoga.

There is a type of stress in which the reasons of anxiety are usually unknown for a person, so in such case this person should consult from psychiatrists. In stress usually a person starts to neglect clothing style, hairstyling, make-up & grooming so paying attention towards personal grooming can help you a lot in order to forget the stress for some time, it will freshen  up your mind & you can review the problem with a fresh mind.


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